Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Radiator Spring Racers: California Adventure

 Besides walking through Radiator Springs, I was really looking forward to riding the new Radiator Springs Racers ride.  Like every other new ride, the lines were really long, about 1 1/2 hours.  Apparently on opening day the lines wait was 6 hours.  Crazy.  It brought me back to when the Indiana Jones ride first opened in 1995, when we waited about 3 hours and got the really cool card pictured below.

(Image link, given out to help aid in reading what was written on the lines walls)

If you don't mind who you sit by, there is something called single-rider.  Verses the 1 1/2 hours I waited, the single-rider line was about 30 minutes.  It's fantastic, and helps fill in empty seats.  Though I had to wait in the long line the first time, it was fun taking pictures to help pass the time.

 Overall I loved the ride.  The scenery made me feel as if I was back in Utah, though according to the Pixar Wiki page, Radiator Springs is located in Eastern Arizona.  (Thunderbolt Mountain is based on Bryce Canyon, which is in Utah, and the location was inspired thanks to a National Geographic article.)

Towards the beginning of the ride you visit Radiator Springs, and I was impressed with the technology used for the cars.  The audio-animatronics keeps getting better and better.  Like Indiana Jones where, in the beginning of the ride, you visit one of three rooms, on the racer ride there are one of two rooms you enter to prepare for the race portion of the ride: to the left is Luigi's Casa Della Tires where you get your tires changed, and to the right is Ramone's House of Body Art for a paint job via water spray.  It's a lot of fun.  And then the race starts where your car is pitted against another, and speeds reach up to 40 mph.  Overall a fantastic ride, 
and now one of my favorites.

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