Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What Happens When You Transfer a Pokemon?

 So . . . What happens when you transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

They turn into candy!!

Ha ha ha haaaaaa . . . -_-;;

 In all seriousness the Betty Crocker Pokemon fruit snacks are pretty tasty.

 And I find the idea of Pokemon turning into candy really disturbing.

It's morbid!

What are we teaching our kids?

In other news I FINALLY caught a Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's hat.  Today's the last day, I believe, to find him.  Honestly, I wasn't really trying.  When I failed to catch Pikachu wearing a birthday hat several months ago I became discouraged.  The little guy ran away!  Thankfully this one didn't.  My life isn't all the more fulfilled, but I am a little more amused.  That's important, right?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Epcot: Exploring the World Showcase

June 9th, 2016, Day 2 at Epcot.

Our second day at Epcot primarily took place at the World Showcase, where 11 Countries are represented.  We spent most of our time at the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, and Japan, spending a little time in Germany, Italy, and China.  We barely saw the other countries.

Japan was my favorite!!  By the time we got there a two hour Summer storm hit, raining big drops, so we spent the whole time in the store, which was so big and full of so many treasures.  We bought umbrellas, having left our polka dot umbrellas at the hotel, but right when we left the shop the rain stopped.  In the evening, choosing not to see IllumiNations again, Mom and I decided to run from the UK to Soarin', barely making it, and riding it twice in a row even after the ride closed.

That night, around 12:30 am, there was a random, impressive firework show that we watched from the balcony.  All the parks were closed and it was far away, but it was still fun to watch.


 I love all the little details.


 So many cool shops and places to explore.


 Japan was by far my favorite!!

 The shop we stayed in for two hours, during a storm.

We had no idea there would be a sudden downpour, but this was the perfect place to be.  I was having so much fun looking at everything I didn't feel the time pass.  There were some items that I saw in Japan just the year before.  And I love the variety of things you can buy, and that there was nothing Disney in the store.

It was nice seeing Japanese geek culture fully represented.

(It would have been cool if there was a Tokyo Disney Store in the area, as they have completely different products than we do, so missed opportunity.  That would have been awesome.  I loved the Disney Store in Shibuya.)

 So many flavors!!

 Katsura Grill, another counter service restaurant.

The American Adventure

There's a Voices of Liberty show that I would have loved to see, but we were running out of time, and it seemed like the next few countries we did in a whirlwind.





Reflections of China.  Completely took me back to when I was a kid seeing the circle vision in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.



 We didn't see the Grand Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros, and the line was short, too.  We just ran out of time, and my Mom really wanted to visited the U.K.


 United Kingdom

 We ran to do Soarin' again!

Only had a few minutes before closing time, and we made it, sprinting!!  Two more times riding Soarin' over California before this version was replaced.

So, in total, we rode this ride 3 times during our stay, the most of any ride, and it was awesome each time.

The random firework show we watched from our hotel balcony.