Monday, September 30, 2013

12 Weeks of No Sugary Treats Completed!!

Last July I decided to achieve the impossible: Complete a New Years Resolution that fell to the wayside.  The goal was to go three months (12-weeks) with no sugary treats.  I did allow for yogurt with live cultures (the frozen variety also being allowed), Honey, and wheat.  What I didn't allow was chocolate, brownies, candy, cookies, ice-cream, hot chocolate, cereal, etc.

I've tried this several times before and failed, reading articles and books that were no help.  Trying ideas that didn't work.  What made this time so different?  It was honestly because I put it in the Lord's hands by fasting and praying.  I kept trying to do it myself, but I had to open myself up and allow faith to precede the miracle.

 I resisted dark chocolate salted caramel Fudge, even through fudge came home and invaded the fridge, staying for weeks.

I didn't take the free ice-cream my Grandpa offered me in Arroyo Grande California, and it's really good stuff.  Nor the pastries in Solvang.  The amazing baked goods in Cambria.  S'mores while camping.  All those treats at church activities. 
Brownies and ice-cream at home.  Etc, etc, etc . . .


 Everyday I was successful I put a sticker on the calender.

 I even baked my yummy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies last Thursday and didn't eat a single one!!  There's still some in a bag on the counter top, and still I wont try.

I was going to go all the way to New Years Day, making it a total 6 months, but I've decided to allow myself soft serve ice-cream and chocolate.  What will still be off limits till January 1st, 2014, are brownies, cakes, regular ice-cream, cereal, candy, etc.

In the next 3 month phase I'm starting an exercise routine, 5 days a week minimum.  I waited to start this because I wanted to create one new habit at a time, so I wouldn't be overwhelmed.

I think we often fail at goals because we take on too much too soon.   

So on Saturday, for the first time in 3 months, I took a bite of chocolate, and though it was good for a second, I quickly grew tired of it!  And what's funny is before taking the bite I forgot what it tasted like!  Even now I'm not craving it, though in the past I would want chocolate so bad I'd eat 3 granola bars just to get to the tiny chocolate chips!

I've come a long way in my self-control :0)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The New H&M Store at the Orem University Mall

Last Thursday was the grand opening of the new H&M store at the University Mall in Orem UT.  It's a pretty big deal here, and my brothers and I thought we'd check it out.  (I think my brother Robbie was more excited then I was . . . he actually bought clothes.)

There was a promise that the first 100 in line would get a gift, and people started lining up 6:00pm the night before.  I never saw what they got, but I heard notebooks were involved and one lucky person got a $300 gift card.

I mainly stayed on the outside of the mall, waiting in the line that enters the store there, but I thought I'd quickly check out what was going on inside.  There was a lot of noise, shouting, and dancing, sound echoing the walls.  It was amusing for a bit, until I fled outside where the Autumn air was cool, and everyone more subdued.

They handed these wristlets out to those of us in line, and the texture was really weird.  The clothe felt like a diaper, so I won't be using it.  Maybe I'll put some emergency stuff in it for my 72 hour pack. 

When the store opened I did head inside, and after peaking my nose around a little, and pausing frequently for large crowds to pass, I left to join my Mom elsewhere, who didn't want to bother with the crowd, and bought some things at the Disney store.  I thought it would be fun to head over to Archiver's and look at scrapbook stuff . . . and thanks to a sale I bought a few cute things, which will go into Christmas presents.  (I'm making scrapbooks, which I better get started on soon because it's really time consuming, but rewarding.)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Kid Rooms at the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes 2013

 One of the fun aspects of checking out the Parade of Homes in Salt Lake City was seeing all these fun kid rooms.  Many were dedicated to Make a Wish foundation kids, honoring children in the area.  Very inspiring.  

I loved this Dr. Seuss room.  So much fun!

 I hope the child this room was dedicated to gets all these fun Star Wars toys.

 I LOVE bookshelves, and this is a great idea for kid shelves.

 Great idea for storing instruments!

And finally, I think this little girls room is adorable with the ballet terms written on the wall.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Salt Lake City Parade of Homes 2013

I'm obsessed with HGTV.   Obsessed!  So I was thrilled when my Sister-in-law Krista invited me to the Parade of Homes in Salt Lake City.  I've heard of it, but never checked it out, even here in Utah Valley where it's closer.  Essentially a bunch of model homes and private residences are staged and opened to the public.  It's like an in person HGTV experience.  Lot's of fun!  A little overwhelming.  We went to the Salt Lake Valley 4-5 separate nights to do this, but it was so much fun.

These homes are shown in no particular order, and some got a little mixed up.

It was after seeing this basketball court when I dropped my cell phone, watching it fall to the concrete ground right outside the garage.  So, so stupid.  Those stupid booties.

I love these picture frames.  This would be a fun craft project!

And I would love to make this, too!  Pieces of amethyst inside a shadow box.  It shouldn't be too hard.

The roof to this mansion was pretty fun.  Layers of wood to give the appearance of shingles.  Really cool idea.


It was nice seeing a modern home amongst the more traditional.

This home super overwhelmed me.  Though nice, it was a bit too much.

This bathroom was ridiculous!  Look at the size of the shower!  The shower and bathtub both behind glass.

Dream pantry.

There was a falcon on top of this roof.  Krista pointed this out to me, and I didn't think it was real!  Then I saw him move his head, and I was convinced.  Crazy.

Gotta live the fake food.

And lastly, who in their right mind would want a bathroom positioned in the front of the house for everyone to see, right next to the front porch!?  That was just weird.