Saturday, October 21, 2017

Reminiscing Over Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

This was the last day of a 6 day trip to Walt Disney World, this day falling on June 12, 2016, and the second time I visited the Magic Kingdom that trip.  My Mom and I choose to make the Magic Kingdom the bookends of our trip, and it was a good way to finish our visit.

The rest of the words from this blog come from what I wrote in the Shutterfly book highlighting the trip I made.  (BTW, I highly recommend Shutterfly, or other similar sites, that turn photos into books.  So worth it.  Treasures, always.  My nieces have actually fallen asleep at bedtime with the books I've made them of past trips, and they remember the trips better because of it.)

"What a wonderfully fun day this was!  Our very last day at Disney World and we wanted to return to the Magic Kingdom.  Taking everything in, including the castle, we wandered down Main Street.  We did so much that day.  First we returned to Columbia Harbour House for lunch.  Mom ate the fish & chips again.  I tried the chicken pot pie with a side of broccoli.

 (not sure how I feel about the finger print scanners)


 "After this we hopped in line for the Haunted Mansion, which had a decently short line.  The room with the stairs was neat.  And then we road the Mark Twain around beautiful Tom Sawyer Island."

 "The weather predicted that in the afternoon we were going to be slammed by rain fall that would last until evening.  I was worried so many things were going to be canceled.  I kept checking the weather on my phone seeing a huge rain system nearing on the radar, which made me nervous, but I wanted to enjoy each moment.  After the steam boat ride we noticed rope was being set up early for the 3 o'clock parade, Festival of Fantasy.  I got a front row seat right up to the rope.  Mom sat close to the pin store atop a short pillar of bricks.  I loved the parade!  And then we bought too many pins!"

 "We went on the Jungle Cruise, which had a cool dark room scene at the end.  Waited in the long line for Space Mountain, which made us both queasy.  Then we went to Fantasyland to ride Journey of the Little Mermaid."


 "For dinner we ate pasta at Pinocchio Village Haus,
watching people load It's a Small World.

"After dinner we causally walked through Fantasyland.  We tried to walk through the castle, but it was blocked for the Electrical Parade, so we took a quaint stroll around the glowing pink castle.  The air pleasant, calm, and still.  No hint of a storm.  A miracle as I watched the storm circle around the park, dark streaks brushing the sky."

 "We didn't get a good view of the electrical parade, but got an amazing view of Celebrate the Magic, a castle light projection show, and Wishes.  Mom returned to the Pandora store while the Electrical parade made its second pass.  This time I got a very good view, enjoying the nostalgia."

"We pulled another all-nighter.  We left the Magic Kingdom around 11:30 pm.  This park is the furthest from the hotel and we still had to wait for the bus, so we got back past midnight.

"Going to bed didn't make sense.  The texi was coming at 3:30 am so we could make it to the airport by 4 am for a 6:15 flight.  We turned on the T.V., never getting under the covers, and packed away cloths and goodies.  We bought so many souvenirs!  It's amazing we were able to pack it all away in our limited luggage space.

"We left the hotel while it was dark, so exhausted by the whirlwind, amazed how quickly it flew by.  Sad to be leaving, but so glad we were finally able to experience Disney World.  We'll miss the Disney magic, but won't miss the humidity.  What an amazing week."

What wonderful memories.

I would love to return one day.

And my Walt Disney World posts are FINALLY finished! :D

Thursday, October 19, 2017

My Subconscious is Ready to Starting Blogging . . .

Dreams are fascinating.  I've spent a lot of time contemplating the subject, mainly due to trying to understanding my own experiences.

Sometimes dreams are just a mish mash of what happened that day.  Nothing special. For instance, I once saw a meme where an apartment complex flooded; the fence was built so well no water leaked onto the main road.  That night I dreamed a road was flooded and I was stuck in a car.  Also in that same dream there were people running away from aliens, and aliens coming out of stomachs, thanks to watching behind the scene stuff for Prometheus, never mind the fact that I never actaully saw that movie.

O.B.E.'s are nothing more than super vivid lucid dreams where you get to fly around seeing cool stuff.  A lot of fun, honestly.  I've seen some really cool stuff.

I've had lucid dreams so real I spend half of these dreams walking around touching things because my senses are alert and I can feel textures.  I'm in complete control.  Incredible, but these dreams leave me exhausted in the morning.

I wouldn't wish sleep paralysis attacks on my worst enemy.  Not going there.

Then there are dreams where our subconscious is given a chance to talk to us.  This is how I knew I needed to take a brake from Facebook and my phone.  I literally had two dreams, one where I dropped my phone and it broke, and another where I defended my constant use of my Kindle Fire to a dream character, that let me know I was addicted.

This morning I had a dream full of randomness--part flying to an unknown location and part driving down the street looking at Christmas decorations--and after looking at the decorations my dream self wanted to blog about it.  Then I woke up and realized it was a dream and blogging about it would have been weird, because it didn't happen.

So I guess I'm psychologically ready to jump into blogging!!

But for the record, I'm NOT ready for Christmas.  Where did that come from?  Autumn, you can last as long as you wish.  Fall colors are beautiful.  I love you bunches.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Going Offline while Visiting England, Scotland, and Ireland: Getting in Touch with my Roots

 I'm back!

While I was taking a break from being online I was with my Mom touring England, Scotland, and Ireland, fulfilling both our dreams in visiting the land of our ancestors.  We went with a tour so everything was mapped out for us, didn't have to worry about driving, and met many new friends.

It was so beautiful!

On September 22 we flew out of Salt Lake and landed in London on the 23rd, spending a couple days there.  Then we inched up to Scotland visiting Oxford, Bampton, Bourton-on-the-Water, Stratford-Upon-Avon for the night, Audlem, Chester, York, Lake District, Edinburgh, Glamis Castle, St. Andrews, then over to Dublin, Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough, Avoca, Rock of Cashel, Blarney and its stone (Yes, I kissed it), Killarney, Inch beach, Wild Atlantic Way, Dingle, Ross Castle, Cliffs of Moher, Medieval banquet at Bunratty Castle, and then finished by staying at Dromoland Castle.


Needless to say I wanted to be completely in the moment.  With the international cell phone plan I was on I was limited to 800 mb in data and wanted to dedicate that to texting, google maps, and the (okay, I'm admitting it) occasional popping onto Pokemon Go to catch international Pokemon.

Got Mr. Mime.

A couple times I hopped onto Facebook out of habit and quickly got off, though one of the times I read something my sister-in-law wrote about one of my nieces, so I don't regret that because it was quite funny.  But beyond that I really avoided Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, and it was a strange, but nice experience.  I also completely disconnected myself from the news.

I was so disconnected that I thought LDS General Conference was a week later then it was, so when I was at Dromoland castle using their really good wifi, I was really confused when I found all the talks already on the gospel library app.  I NEVER forget general conference, so that proved how out of touch I was to not even be aware.

I'm really excited to be blogging about the stuff I learned and all the fun adventures in coming months.  I took 4,215 pictures, and my Mom took just over 8,000 pictures.  A lot to download and go through! 0_0  But I'm already ready to relive it all.

Before going on the trip I wondered what place I would feel "at home" in.  For instance, I loved visiting France last year, but it didn't feel like home, just a fun place I visited and would like to travel to again.  Tokyo, on the other hand, felt like home.  I left a part of my heart there.  Between England, Scotland, and Ireland I found my heart in Ireland.  I loved all three places, would love to spend a week in the Lake District being by the water and explore other places more thoroughly, but Ireland felt like home.  If I was ever able to return, positive thinking, I would like to visit Wales as well, as I have genealogical roots there as well.

Maybe I feel connected to Ireland because I'm studying Gaeilge.

In terms of inherited DNA I'm 23% Ireland and 70% Great Britain, so more G.B.  (Fun fact, I stated inherited because the genes we get vs our ancestral tree is not the same.  My Grandma is 5% Western European, her brother, my great uncle, is 62% Western European.  I'm less than 1%.  My maternal great-grandparents must have had a lot of Western European, and in just 4 generations I won't pass any of that along.  But I've still got my Celtic roots!)

 (Grandma vs Great Uncle Allen DNA results)

(Why it's good for siblings to get tested, because we all inherit different things, and then pass on different things.  Doesn't fully represent our roots, just what's been inherited.

Man, wish I could have seen what my Granny and Gramps results would have been!!)

In terms of feeling a connection to Ireland, maybe a part of that is because our trip up through the U.K. felt more rushed, like a highlight trip, whereas by the time we got to Ireland the jet lag wasn't so bad and we had more time to explore certain places.

But I also feel really connected to my Mahoney line, out of all my lines, though I also feel really connected to my emigrant Robertson ancestor.

James Bell Robertson, who came over just before the Civil War, fought for the Union, and was at Gettysburg.

(In the coat of arms Blue represents loyalty and truth, Red is the "Martyr's color" signifying military fortitude and magnanimity, yellow represents generosity, chevron repents protection, Lion = deathless courage, and snake = wisdom.  From Irish Surnames.)

But the Mahoney (O'Mahony) coat of arms is the best!  Ah man, I love it.  I wish my Mahoney line didn't dead-end in Newfoundland.  A fire destroyed important key documents.  But according to this document the O'Mahony's is apart of a royal Celtic dynasty who built 14 defense castles in the Southern part of Cork next to the sea.  How cool is that!!??  It would be neat to be descended from Celtic royalty.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling drawn to the Irish Gaelic language?  I also have O'Niel (O'Niell), which I guess goes back to the High King of Ireland in the 5th century.  Cool stuff!

So a trip of a lifetime, and I enjoyed every moment.

And the weather was surprisingly amazing!!!