Saturday, October 13, 2018

I'm Doing a 10 Day Social Media Fast

Last weekend was the Latter-Day Saint General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This happens twice a year, the first weekend in April and October.  I love conference weekend which consist of five two hour sessions.

During the General Women's Session, gave a few challenges, one of which was a 10 day social media fast, which for me includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Many of my friends have already started, and it's been strange.  Facebook has gotten a lot quieter.  I waited for this weekend to start the challenge as I had online commitments to finish.

During this fast we are also to think of any other media that brings negativity into our lives . . . which means I will also not watch, read, listen, or seek out news.  Now THIS will be super hard.  I have a current events addiction.  Like, I'm not joking or exaggerating.  My need to keep up on the news is actually more important in my life than social media, probably because social media really took off this last decade, whereas I've been following the news intensely since the sixth grade . . . I don't want to do the math, but I'm 36, so this is a long term thing.  But the news isn't a happy thing to follow, so for 10 days I'm not even going to listen to news/talk podcasts.  This Will Be So Hard.

But it will be interesting to see how I feel when it's over, which will be the 23rd of October.  And then I will binge, which is probably not the point of it all.  Oh well.  There's a lot of stuff happening.

So, see you on the other side!


Friday, October 12, 2018

Finally Getting the Wizarding World LootCrate Hedwig Pin

 In the September, 2018, J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World Subscription Box by LootCrate, there was an item missing.  The theme of the box was Back to Hogwarts, and the four received items were House themed.  Nice items, honestly, but it felt like something was missing, and I was relieved to find a card apologizing that the pin, the first in a creature series, would arrive separately by mid-October.

I got the main box last week, and a week to the day, yesterday, this pin came in the mail, sooner than I was expecting, and much nicer than what was seen on the item info sheet.  The pin in the picture looked small, but this pin is a pretty good size.

 A full view on the card.

The pin next to a quarter.

I like the pin and its pearl accent.  It fits well with the Back to Hogwarts theme.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Visiting Notre-Dame de Paris (2016)

(April 2016)

On a beautiful afternoon in Paris, France, my Mom, Tata Patou, and I found ourselves wandering around Paris after a bus didn't take us to our destination due to a marathon.  In my last France post I blogged abut this, going into bakeries and shops, seeing that side of Paris, before we wandered to Notre-Dame de Paris.

Ever since seeing Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" I've wanted to visit Notre Dame to see where this tale takes place. It's a beautiful Cathedral located in a wonderful part of the city.  I really enjoyed seeing this famous landmark.

 If I was Catholic Joan of Arc would be my patron saint.

Photos by Sarah and Robin Stufflebeam

Monday, October 8, 2018

September 2018 J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World by LootCrate subscription box review

This is the September, 2018, J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World by LootCrate.  It's delivered every other month, priced at $44.99 with shipping.  This box is a few weeks late.  It shipped early last week, wasn't supposed to be here till Saturday, and it arrived on Thursday.

Like the missing shirt from last box, this time an apology card was sent due to a pin that wasn't ready to ship.  It's promised to arrive mid-October.  On the info sheet at the bottom there's a picture of the pin.

This is the last Wizarding World box I'm receiving.  I've canceled and resubscribed to this box several times, due to lateness and other issues.  This time, though, I've decided not to renew, and it honestly feels good.  I'm done with this chapter.

 This months theme: Back to Hogwarts.

"It's time for another magical school year!  Prepare yourself for the adventures ahead with these back-to-school essentials inspired by going Back to Hogwarts."

What's interesting is every item, minus the pin not included, is house exclusive.  This is a better House box than the one we received a couple boxes back.

Every item is exclusive and licensed.

 Hogwarts House Banner

"Show off your house pride (and your most admirable traits!) by unfurling this delightful house mascot banner."

This is really cool.  I like the design of all the house banners I've seen.  Love the colors, use of key words, and how each banner has an artifact representing the house.  Here we see Gryffindor's sword.

 Hogwarts House Book Bag

"Carry all your wizarding supplies in style in this bewitching book bag accented by your house colors and a screen printed house patch."

I like the idea of a book bag.

And it's nice, with the way it rolls down, you can have books of different sizes.

 Hogwarts House Notebook

"When parchment just won't do, jot down your latest spells in this notebook showcasing your house crest and colors."

This is the one meh item for me.

It's paperback.

 I like the design on the cover.  I'm a little confused with the inside.  With the Gryffindor emblem printed inside you can't use it as a sketch book, and since there's no lines it would be difficult using it as a journal. I'll figure something out.

 Hogwarts House Bookmark

"Get lost in a book (without losing your place) with this die-cut metal bookmark featuring your house crest and colored tassel... or hang it up as decoration!"

When I first saw a spoiler I thought this was a Christmas ornament.  It's a bookmark.  A little thick, but it works and stays in place inside a book.  I think I'll use it as an ornament.  Really nice.  Like this item.

 Hedwig Pin (Not coming until mid-October)

"Given to Harry on his 11th birthday by Hagrid, Hedwig is Harry's beloved snowy owl and the first creature pin series."

It looks like the next pin series is creature themed.


If the pin was included this would have been a great box.  Though I know the pin is still coming, not having it makes the box feel a little empty.  There's no shirt, probably because we've received Hogwart crests shirts and house shirts recently.  There always feels like something is missing when there's not a shirt.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Sometimes You Need To Get A Little Lost: Wandering Around Paris (2016)

At the end of our week in Paris, April 2016, our goal was to visit the Sacré Coeur.  We were on the bus heading towards this location when the bus suddenly pulled over and told us to get off.  There was a marathon taking place, streets sectioned off, so getting there was no longer an option.  Instead we wandered around.

I love a good wander.  With vacations it's so easy to get locked in a schedule, unwilling to bend.  Depending on the advice of others and web searches.  But somethings worth finding are meant to be discovered in the moment.  Walking around allowed us this discovery.  We found ourselves in a shopping area where Patou's extended family owned a Jewish bakery.  There we ate yummy treats.  Along the way we passed entertainment, good street jazz, more sweets, and more shopping.

This breather was nice.  Walking around, taking things in, experiencing an April shower or two.  Really be in the moment.

This was one of my favorite days on the trip.

Next we walked to Notre-Dame de Paris, but that's for next time. ;0)

Photos by Robin and Sarah Stufflebeam