Sunday, June 30, 2013

"How do I feel the Spirit?" Original Poem

"How do I feel the Spirit?"

How do I feel the Spirit?
Is it felt within the heart?
Can I feel his loving guidance everyday?
How do I feel the Spirit?
Is there something I must do?
Must I listen and obey,
praying day by day,
so I can feel the Spirit's voice?

How do I feel the Spirit?
Will he guide me on my path?
In a World of darkness can I feel the light?
How do I feel the Spirit?
Must I walk beyond my sight?
Can I simply walk by faith,
seeking as I pray,
so I can feel the Spirit's voice?

~ Sarah Stufflebeam

Yesterday I got my first rejection letter.  Each year the LDS church has a church music competition, and these are the lyrics to a children's song I submitted.  Yesterday I found out I didn't even place.  It's so hard not to take it personally!  

I knew what I submitted was a risk.  The song is nothing but questions, and the only resolution is how questions lead to questions, and sometimes you answer a question with a question.  For me that's how I've learned to recognize the spirit, and to walk with faith, following what I feel.  I'm always asking questions to the Lord.  It's a part of the process.  It's how we learn.  And once we got one thing figured out, something new pops into our life, and the questions start all over again.

Anyway, I love this short little poem.  It's from my heart.  It's apart of my own journey and testimony.

In terms of the rejection, I need a little Snoopy attitude.  If that cute little dog can get rejected by the editor as many times as he has and keep on writing, then so can I. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!!!

I have a friend on Facebook who's obsessed with all things Austen and all around cool geekness, and thanks to her I found this vblog . . . aka an awesome Pride and Prejudice web series a la modern day.  I'm only on episode 41, but started watching these around 4 PM today . . . because I know how to spend a Saturday night . . .

Hmmmmmm, anyway.  How many versions of P&P does that make it?  There's a musical Bollywood version, a modern LDS version I sadly relate to minus the love interest, the 6 hr. mini series, the recent controversial theatrical version, the one where a modern girl ends up in the book, the black&white, Austenland that's coming to theaters in August staring Keri Russel . . . yeah.

Still, these vids are quite fun . . . and I may be staying up all night because of this.

. . . on a Saturday night . . .

Friday, June 28, 2013

For Whoever Finds It, an Original Poem

This is a short little poem I wrote in a few minutes.  Usually I'll only post material I've worked at; never something this rushed or rough.  Yesterday I was at an awesome activity with my LDS YSA Singles Ward friends in Manti UT, and in the attic there was an ol' fashioned type writer.  I had to write a poem!  Made me really appreciate spell check and being able to erase.  The title comes from the fact that I left the paper in the attic and didn't take it home; it'll probably get thrown away without a second look.  This is what I came up with.

"For Whoever Finds It"

 Coming from a little town
There was a boy who loved to frown
Around the town this boy would go
Miserable and all alone
His hair was brushed
His shirt was white
Straight A's, clean room, all was right
Though teachers pet he might have been
He never once had had a friend
When he grew up he went his way
Good school, good job, big house, good pay
Now he's old, alone and grey
Negatives is all he'll say
So never where an awful frown
An empty life for one renowned

~ Sarah Stufflebeam

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The I-15 Car Trap

 This is what happened last Saturday to my Dad and I coming home from Ventura.

There's a 50 mile stretch in the middle of Utah that's cursed.  Three times I've broken down with my family: last weekend at mile marker 100, a few years ago Memorial weekend near midnight at marker 150, and several years ago at 141, which is now around 139 because the numbers shifted a few years ago.  And I've talked to other people who have broken down around that area as well, though I believe I have the best stories.

 The first time was in 2004.  My Grandpa A was still alive, and my Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and I were coming up from Porterville.  That trip already had a feeling of the surreal, because my Mom and I flew into the Bakersfield airport and had an emergency landing.  We were helping my Grandparents move and look at places here in Utah Valley, but of course we hit a bump while coming back.

It was coming towards the end of the day and we had just past Cove Fort.  My Grandma was driving when we felt something and pulled over, discovering the tire blown.  That piece of land is hilly, where those used to driving 80 mph must slow down for the curves.  Not the safest bit to sit and wait.

Thankfully my Grandparents had AAA, only we needed the mile marker, but we were far from one.  I'm pretty obedient, straight laced, practical, but every now and then this rebellious streak strikes.  Rare, but I did something completely illogical.

I decided I would find the mile marker so the tow truck new where to find us.  Without telling anyone I started walking south, and was too far away when my family noticed.  I heard the yells, but ignored them.  It felt foolish.  I starting believing I couldn't find it.  Reality struck and I started getting scared.  Car, after van, after truck whipped by at 80 miles an hour, the air shocking me with each pass.  Then I realized anyone could pull over and I'd be defenseless.

A small SUV pulled over, my heart racing as the door opened.  Inside sat an elderly couple, missionaries serving at Cove Fort on their way to Fillmore.  A feeling of protection came over me then, and I looked to the sky as we drove back.  Instead of rebuke I felt love, and a feeling of gratitude overwhelmed.  After I was dropped off the couple called shortly after, giving us the mile number.

 A few years ago my Mom, brother Steven, Robbie, and I got a super late start coming back home from Ventura.  Once again that trip had a strange feel about it.  On the way down in the beginning of the trip I was driving, getting the first shift, everyone asleep, when I rounded a corner.  Standing on the side of the road was a deer, just waiting.  The first time I'd ever seen a deer on I-15.  As I passed I looked in the rear view mirror; the deer started walking immediately across the highway.

 A week trip later we came back Memorial weekend.  After passing those hills I mentioned in the previous story, nearing midnight, I breathed a sigh of release as my Mom continued to drive, a habit I developed during the first incident.  When we passed St. George earlier there was a coyote lying dead, blocking the right lane.  That was on my mind as we increased our speed to 80 mph.  Quite immediately we felt something shift under the car, and as my Mom pulled the car over we saw the tire roll behind us, stopping close to where we stopped.  The rubber of the tire was a shredded complete circle.  The metal rim remained on the car, miraculously unscathed.  

What was amazing is that our car stopped right next to the mile marker.

It wasn't until 1:00 am when the tow truck came, all the while howls of coyotes could be heard in the distance.  In Fillmore the couple towing the car put on the spare, and Mom and I drove the final length at 50 mph, grey blurs of coyotes shooting across the highway the whole way.

When we got home my Dad was amazed the car didn't flip, and I'm still amazed we were able to pull over.  Technically we shouldn't have been able to.  It was the front left wheel we lost.  It was like we were being carried.

 Last weekend I was the one driving when the van started getting slower and slower: 70 mph to 60 to 50 to 40 when I pulled over.  It was the transmission.  And we were just 9 miles from Beaver.

The Van stopped right in front of the mile marker.

So many stresses and worries going through our minds.  It was just Dad and I, and after some thought it made sense to pay the tow truck to take us home.  Everything was set up and paid for, when the shop we were towed to suddenly got busy.  We were there for some time when the head guy, the one who towed us, wanted to stay and get some work done.  But instead of having us wait, he called his daughter to bring his car for us to use, in case he couldn't tow us that day, and we wouldn't end up stranded.  He completely trusted us with his families car.  Sure enough when we got home Rick was on the road with our van.

One thing I forgot to mention was that right before the tow truck came, there was an older man who pulled over to see if we were all right.  He went all the way to Beaver then came around again to make sure we were okay.  That was so nice.

The World is full of great people.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monster's University: Movie Review

 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When the previews started for Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters Inc., the young kids in the audience during the showing I attended were in a fit of giggles; The Lego Movie, Despicable Me 2, Turbo, and other future animated releases kept the young ones engaged.  Of course trailers are designed to be snappy.  As the Featured Film progressed, the kids attention didn't seem to stay focused.  The problem, really, is that Monsters University is an animated teen/adult movie.  Just like the very last chapter in A. A. Milne's The House at Pooh Corner, there are some stories you just can't appreciate until you've lived a little.

Personally I loved the movie, but then I was in the target audience.  Mike Wazowski, that cute, highly enthusiastic single eyed monster, has dreamed of becoming a scarer at Monsters University.  He's prepared and worked hard, studying, giving it his all his entire life just to be accepted as a Scaring Major.  It's there that we meet some familiar faces from the first film, watching how characters interact and grow.  At University we see how Mike and Sulley became such good friends.

The movie made me wonderfully nostalgic.  I started longing to go back to school!  But then I'm a bit of a nerd.  Though none of the schools I attended had sororities or fraternities, it was amusing watching the houses compete.  And along the way we meet some more fun characters in the Oozma Kappa fraternity.

The story was fun, but the first movie was much stronger in this regard, having a stronger plot.  Monsters Inc will always be a delightful classic.

Pixar's animation was stunning!  They just get better and better.  The exterior/environmental shots were breathtaking.  So beautiful.

Overall Monsters University was a fun movie that I rather enjoyed.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cerulean Jade Update: 06-25-2013

It's been quite sometime since I've written an update!

Steven and I are still working on music.  We took a step back after Done With Gravity was released online, since it was such a huge project.  Much bigger then any of us first thought.  

We've completely reorganize and reformatted the computer, which meant backing everything up.  The computer was causing a whole lot of problems in terms of speed and reliability.  That had to be fixed, and now it has, running nice and smooth.  Backing up our songs was a bit of a chore!  But we were able to.

Next we installed new instruments: Komplete 9.  The possibilities are endless now!  We've been experimenting and trying some new things, deciding what and who "Cerulean Jade" really is.  Right now we're leaning towards electronic/pop/acoustic eclecticism.  It's been fun, and I'm working on lyrics and themes.  I don't want to set a release date, but new music will be coming soon.

And I've decided to start working on Cover songs again.  Sometime ago I stated that we wouldn't be doing that, but I've decided to go ahead and work on some songs myself.  Playing by ear is a huge struggle for me.  It's not one of my strengths.  Goodness, I failed second semester Music Dictation, and retook it, passing with a C.  One of the worst college experiences of my life!  But I worked hard, shed many tears, and kept at it.  By fourth semester dictation, which focuses on 21st century music techniques such as 12-tone-rows and tonal clusters, I passed with an A-.  Super hard, but I worked hard, proving to myself that weaknesses can be turned into strengths.  Even now I still freeze while sitting at the piano, but this is a skill I desperately want, and all things are possible when honest work is applied.

Awesome stuff is ahead! :0)      

Sunday, June 23, 2013


(I'm obsessed with these trees.  Taken recently in Ventura CA)

"Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it."  

~ L.M. Montgomery

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Super Smash Brother character

Last week my brother Steven showed me this video previewing the new character in Super Smash Brothers 4.  I thought it was a joke  . . . it's not.  Now I know who I'm going to play as.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cars With Eyelashes

I spotted this car in the parking lot while at the craft store a little while back, and thought it was awesome, posting the photo on Twitter, but wanted to share it here, too.  Then two days ago I spotted another car with eyelashes!  Is this some kind of new trend?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One of My Favorite Parts of Summer: Lavender

I love lavender!  Love it!  And one of my favorite things to do in the summer is gather lavender, tie it up, and hang it to dry so that I can later make lavender satchels.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.

 I think I got it from my Grandma.  Every time we walked by a lavender bush she would pick a sprig and smell it.  When I was younger I didn't get it, then I started imitating her, because I love her so.  Now whenever I walk past a lavender bush I pick one and smell its sweet fragrance.

Making the satchels is really easy.  After the lavender is dry pick it off and put it in the bag.  Then, whenever you want to smell it, crush the lavender a little so oil is released.  So nice.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Star Trek Quilt

Proof my brother married the right gal.  She made him a Star Trek quilt for Fathers Day.  Come on, it's awesome!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Superman, Man of Steel: Movie Review

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Wearing a pair of tights has never looked so sexy.  The Scarlet Pimpernel would be jealous.

After so many reboots, etc, we finally have another Superman, aka Clark Kent, origin story in Man of Steel.  This time Clark isn't so perfect; he's been given vulnerabilities through a life of bullying and hiding.  We see what it was like growing up with powers: The restraints and pain.  We feel his struggles.  A character who once felt unreachable now feels relatable. 

We see Krypton right before its destruction and how the Kryptonians lived, and why they failed.  For generations babies haven't been born naturally, instead they are like test tube babies, genetically engineered for their life missions without a choice.  There's no ambition.  No chance to grow, dream, and inspire.  Everything's given and expected.  This Superman is different, because he is the first natural birth in years.  His parents wanted him to inspire to greatness, not because he was born to, but because it's something he's worked towards.  That's the American Dream.

There are some differences I liked.  The Dynamics between Superman, , and Lois Lane, , was fresh and different, and if there's a sequel this new dynamic will prove quite interesting.  And there's no Kryptonite!  That's not the focus of his weakness this time around.  His weakness comes from growing up on Earth and our atmosphere.  

This popcorn Summer movie fair lived up to its blockbuster promises.  There's loads of fighting and explosions, which my brothers loved.  

Superman: Man of Steel was fun, and I can't wait to see it again.

(This movie didn't earn a full star rating thanks to all the shaky hand-held camera work . . . just not a fan of the technique)

MPAA: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Embrace the Possibility of Failure

(Picture my brother took up Provo Canyon.)

"Allow for the possibility of failure.  Give yourself room for disappoint.  It will never compare with the sense of loss you feel when you no longer have a choice."
~ Adrienne Starr

Friday, June 14, 2013

How I Got a Nice Purse for $7

A year ago the zipper on my purse broke.  Kinda tragic . . . okay, not really, but it made a nice purse hard to use.  I didn't have money, so I got a hand me down from my Grandma R.  It did the job, but the purse was heavy and hurting my back.

I've been trying to find a purse since, but with no luck.

Then I went to Girls Night at Tai Pan Trading in the Orem University Mall.  Before entering I declared to my family that I was going to win a purse in the prize drawing.  They have the cutest purses!  But they are also pricey.

Krista declared that she would win the purse for me.  We were there for the full two hours, collecting tickets, and standing in the right spot every 15 minutes, in which only one person would win a prize.  Purses mixed in with gift cards.  In the past they had more prizes, but I remained confident.

Then, in the last hour, Krista won a $20 gift card.  She walked over and gave it to me, but I quickly gave it back, declaring that I would win one too.

During the brakes between the drawings I walked around the purse section, and settled on the purse pictured above.  It was perfect.  Right color.  Right size.  Perfect length shoulder strap.  I stared at the purse and pictured my winning it.

Then, in the next drawing, I won a $20 gift card!  

I heard there was a 10% store wide sale going on, and the purse was $50.  I didn't have enough for it, but my Mom offered to help, so I walked up to the counter.  When I was told how much I needed to pay, the gal said I owed $7+tax.  I was baffled!  Then she said there was a store wide 35% off sale on all accessories.  Having only $10 in my wallet I had just enough.

So lucky and thankful!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Most Favorite Star Wars Item!!

Once upon a time I was a member of the Star Wars Fan Club!  Pretty much I got the Star Wars Insider magazine, and that was it.  Just some fun articles and a window decal.

But one day this came in the mail, completely out of the blue!  I was shocked!  It was a treat.  I felt special.  A Micro Machines--I really miss those toys--Darth Vader and Star Destroyer.  I've got quite a few other Star Wars items I love, but since this was such a surprise, and a gift, this will always be my favorite. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Iron Man III: Movie Review

 Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

This mega block buster has been seen by almost everyone!  Well, not quite as many as The Avengers, but still seen by many.  It's officially cracked the 1 billion mark.

Stark is still reeling from his experiences in The Avengers.  Being one of the heroes who saved the day, Iron Man ultimately sent a missile through a black hole, seeing a great alien race get killed in the explosion.  Every Hero has their limits.  Iron Man has reached his.  And now, back to normal life, he's dealing with anxiety as his past comes to haunt.

I like this continuation.  It's this continuation that's made these Marvel films such a success.  A continuing large arc, stretching through the movie canon, connecting but not dominating.  Super cool.  It makes the Universe feel real . . . as interesting as that would be.  I like how something that happens in one movie has a consequence in the next. 

Iron Man III was a fun Summer romp.  Good ol' popcorn flick.  There were moments that felt a little over the top, particularly with a certain villain, but it adds to the fun.

This movie is an improvement over the last!  But the first is still the best.

. . . I can't wait to see how the resolution of this plot affects The Avengers 2.  Shall prove interesting.

 MPAA: Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief suggestive content.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Great Gatsby: Movie Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Cliff-Notes for the big screen!

When I think of Great-Gatsby the first thing that comes to mind is AP Literature.  It sits right there with The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, and Hamlet.   The book, written by Scott Fitzgerald,  is pretty much a High School Standard, but that must be a modern add-on because neither my Mom or Grandmother has read it.  That aside, pretty much the only thing I remember from reading the book was the lavish, over the top parties and a blinking green light.

The green light . . . it means go . . . taunting and all that jazz.

There are many things this latest incarnation of the Great Gatsby gets right.  The costumes are stunning.  The lavish parties that the great Gatsby hosts?  Exactly what I imagined.  Using Tobey Maguire's character, who plays Nick Carraway, as a narrator, reading the words of Fitzgerald, was very effective.  And I did like Leonardo DiCaprio's Jay Gatsby, though I originally had my doubts.  The music choices did work well in making the roaring 20's feel current, which is a Baz Luhrmann staple.

On the downside the whole piece did feel a bit over-the-top.  I would love to know what it was like to live back then.  According to my Grandpa R., my Great-Grandmother lived in Boston and was a flapper/dancer, hanging out and performing in basement clubs.  Apparently she was a little wild.  I couldn't help but think of her as the film progressed.  Still, everything in the movie felt like a caricature.  Stretched and exemplified.

There is a scene where Nick gets drunk (which brings me to another thought.  How can anyone actually like getting drunk?  It looks miserable!) He takes a brake and goes outside; the still from the storm.  Nick becomes our voice of reason.  Observant as he overlooks the city.  Effective, but the scene was obviously tailored for 3D, which is not how I watched it.  There were moments like that where I wished the director kept a 2D frame of mind.

The Great Gatsby was dazzling . . . which means Jay Gatsby, the Great Gatsby, was simply being himself.        

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for some violent images, sexual content, smoking, partying and brief language.

Monday, June 10, 2013

G.I. Joe Retaliation: Movie Review

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I made a mistake when I went to see G.I. Joe Retaliation . . . I didn't see the first one.  Someone told me not to bother, so I didn't . . . and I'm not at all the worst for it . . .

That said, because of this fact I spent the first half of the new G.I. Joe film utterly confused as to who people where, and who, exactly, I should be rooting for.  I'm usually really good at figuring these things out.

Of course I should have seen this coming.  I mean, if I saw Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets before the Philosopher Stone and was confused over sorting and the importance of winning the house cup, I would only have myself to blame.

But my Dad did see the first movie and was still confused with scene cuts and editing choices.

Once I got over my "Who's Who" game, I did find myself quite entertained, though only for certain parts.  This movie was such a mixed bag!  There were 5 star moments sandwiched between 2 star moments.  The scene where World leaders are meeting and are threatened was a 5 star moment.  I was on the edge of my seat screaming in my head "I can't believe that just happened!"  Insane.  The fight scene where martial artist were swinging from mountain to mountain while swashing swords was epic!

And I did enjoy the presence of and Bruce Willis.

Still, with a clunky first half and missteps in scene editing/order, this movie earned a low rating.

. . . I would like to see that martial arts scene again . . .

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of combat violence and martial arts action throughout, and for brief sensuality and language.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom

This last week my brothers and I checked out the new Pizza Pie Cafe for a business meeting, and this sign was right above our booth.  Pearls of wisdom squeezed in a tight frame:

Live Your Dream
Do What You Love
Embrace Every Possibility
Discover Your Passion
Believe in Miracles
Be Your Best Self
Make Every Moment Count
Create Your Own Happiness
Fall in Love
Dream Big
 Be Happy
 Today is the Day
 Remember to Breathe
 Be Passionate & Fearless
 Travel Often
 Follow Your Heart
 Laugh Out Loud
 Cherish Every Moment
 Enjoy the Little Things

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Evolution of Music by Pentatonix

My brother showed me this video a couple days ago, and I loved it.  The history of music in just 4 1/2 minutes!  If only my 4 semesters of music literature was this fun.  Heh.  What's crazy is how fast music has changed and evolved since 1900, which this video nicely shows.  Being able to record and transmit music has helped this explosion of musical styles and genres.  So cool.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Now You See Me: Movie Review

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Earlier this year I watched several episodes of the show "Breaking the Magicians Code."  Magic tricks are performed: amazing, crazy, and stupefying.  Then a masked magician shows how the tricks are done.  Suddenly a feeling of stupidity overwhelms.  There's no such thing as magic . . . magic tricks are just elaborate hoaxes that create wonder.  It's not real.

That's what 's character, Thaddeus Bradley, is trying to prove in Now You See Me, a suspense movie about keeping the secrets of magic a secret, and those who don't.  There's a new magic act called the 4 horsemen, and their show's involve visual splendor and hypnosis mingled with bank/money robbing.  It's the attention they get while robbing banks in mystifying ways that pulls in the FBI.  Agent Dylan Rhodes, , is trying to stay two steps ahead.

What follows is cat chasing mice . . .

The 4 horsemen comprise a mentalist, escape artist, master locksmith/robber/magician, and sleight-of-hand expert.  When we see their show we're treated with quick tricks and hypnotism.  Nothing awe inspiring, really, which is what I wanted to see.  A movie about magic should be filled with more magic, or at least amazing tricks that dazzle but seem plausible.

There was an exciting car chase, and a crazy escape scene when one of the horsemen try to evade the FBI, but the climax, the big reveal, was a let down and somewhat predictable.  And suddenly this whole "magic" thing feels silly and ridiculous.

I was entertained through out . . . until the lame ending.  My brothers were underwhelmed.  Robbie gave the film a 2.75, and Steven declared it shouldn't get above a 3.  

MPAA: PG-13 for language, some action and sexual content.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ephraim's Rescue: Movie Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ephraim's Rescue is a companion story to the 2011 successful LDS film 17 Miracles, about the Martin & Willie Handcart companies.  Both movies are directed by T.C. Christensen.  Whereas 17 Miracles exclusively follows the Willie Handcart company, this story follows the life of Ephraim Hank's, an early convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and one of the first rescuers of the Martin Handcart Company.  This new movie also follows those in the Martin Company, some of their struggles and sacrifices as they traveled west.

Originally I wasn't going to see Ephraim's Rescue, having a choice between 42, Epic, and After Earth, all movies I haven't seen, but was curious.  Then I decided to take my Grandma with me, and my brother Steven recommended I see Ephraim's Rescue with her.  For that we're both glad.

I don't have any early LDS pioneer heritage.  Every single one of my grandparents joined the church in the late 1950's early 1960's.  Because of that I always felt a little disjointed towards Church History.  All my church friends growing up had pioneer ancestry.  When Pioneer Day rolled around each year, every July 24, they shared stories and I felt a little left out.  I deeply appreciate the early Saints, naturally, but never felt truly connected.  Those sentiments have changed now that I'm older.  My Grandparents are pioneers, with their own struggles and miracles, persecutions, trials of faith, etc.  But then aren't we all pioneers with our own stories and unique circumstances?

One of the few moments in Church History that did stay with me was that of the Martin and Willie Handcart companies.  Stories of the English Saints who gave up everything to sail across the sea and walk to Utah in the dead of Winter, some with no shoes, have stayed in my memory.  The horrors; the Miracles.  They may not be my blood relatives, but that doesn't matter. They were trailblazers.  Faith paramount.  Amazing.  I think of my life and the many times I've dealt with anti-Mormon bigotry in California, but what is that compared to them?  Nothing.  Through the harshest of circumstance they endured.

Faith precedes the miracle.  

I wouldn't have what I have if they weren't first courageous.

Was the movie perfect?  No, there were flaws, but that's not what I took from the film.  In Ephraim Hank's I saw a man who was reckless in his youth, but easily touched by the spirit regardless.  In him I saw Alma the younger, the sons of Mosiah, Amulek, and Zeezrom (my favorite people in the Book of Mormon.  Men who were not perfect, who sinned, but allowed the atonement of Christ to fully work in their lives, and then became faithful servant's, facing danger in unknown territories to follow and teach of Chirst, the coming Messiah.  Amulek is my particular favorite.  I'm off topic!)

I felt my heart touched while watching the film, my testimony strengthened.  Thankful to live in this modern era, to know that God loves us, and is mindful of us as he was with those in the old World (biblical times) and the early inhabitants of this promised land.  That we still live in a time of covenants, temple blessings, prophets, and apostles.  That every living man who is worthy can hold the priesthood, not just the descendents of the tribe of Levi.  And even though, as a Women, I can't hold the priesthood, no priesthood blessing is withheld from me.   How great is his love?  How great is Gods mercy?  Infinite.   

The character and strength of the LDS Pioneers is a great blessing.  To them I will always be thankful.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


(Taken with my cell at Temple Square UT)

"A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books."
~ Walt Whitman

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home ~ The Piano Guys

I love this cover from The Piano Guys; they're covering Phillip Phillips single "Home."  BTW, you can buy the new Piano Guys 2 Deluxe Edition CD/DVD album on Amazon.  My brother got me an autograph copy for my birthday, and I love it!  (He got to meet them earlier this month at Desert Book.)