Friday, December 7, 2012

Honorary Citizen of Disneyland for the Day

I'm a Disneyland freak.  A pretty huge one in fact.  My whole family is, but then is there anyone out there who isn't?  Disneyland is a pretty awesome place.  Last month while visiting our Grandfather, we decided to reserve one day for a quick visit to the happiest place on Earth.  Ventura is only a couple hours away, which means we did the wake up early and get home around 3 a.m. deal.

Traffic in Southern California is never fun to navigate, but we must have over planned, because we got to the park an hour early.  That was a good thing!  When we pulled into the parking garage, we went to the far left ticket booth.  I was sitting in the passenger seat, $20 bill hanging out the window several feat before we got there.  I was excited!!  Then this really nice guy said to the other worker "I've got this."  And then he told us we didn't have to pay for parking, and that we were Mickey's guest for the day.  He grabbed several buttons, hopped in a cart, and we followed him to Pinocchio's parking.

With all the gazillion times we've been to Disneyland, nothing like this has ever happened before.  We didn't even know this sort of thing happened at all.  He gave us buttons indicating we were honorary citizens of Disneyland (this I really geeked over).  So after all that we had to give this nice gentlemen a hug! 

 It was amazing, really.  Disneyland sure knows how to make people feel special.  It's that Disney magic, after all.  And we wore the buttons the whole day!  What's fun about Disneyland is how they give out buttons to people, and there's a huge assortment of buttons they give.  The one we got must have been rare, because during the entire day, hopping between Disneyland and California Adventures, I only saw one other person wearing it.  So cool, and memories forever made:0)

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