Monday, December 17, 2012

Cerulean Jade Update 12-17-2012

(Robbie story-boarding the latest Cerulean Jade Music Video, 
and showing off some mad art skills.)

So the music video has just blown up . . . as in, it just got super complex.

We were sitting at our planning table, Robbie, Steven and I, talking about the video and what needs to be done.  They were discussing shots and effects, and I was sitting there wide-eyed.  "I don't think we should do the jet-pack, it will be too complex.  Let's stick with the spaceship." "No, I think the jet-pack will work." "I think the spaceship is better." "But I really like the jet-pack." Meanwhile I was sitting there, trying to figure out how either effect would work, and coming up with nothing.  A little later, "You know that shot where the buildings are chasing her, I think that has to go." Wait, did I hear that right?

Robbie has been working on the storyboards, listening to the song on loop, and drawing pictures of what he imagines.  He scanned the pictures, digitally cut them up, and in after-effects he created a story-board music video, so I was able to visually watch what my brothers are planning.  Let's just say if they can pull it off, it's going to be Awesome!!  Of course I have my doubts, and I expressed that to Robbie.  All he said was, "Trust me, we can do this."  His optimism is great.  This morning I saw Steven working on the 3D model for the spaceship, and it's looking nice.

On another note, completely unrelated to C-Jade, I discovered something new about blogger.  I've been uploading pictures from my phone to Google+, which is where blogger stores the pictures even if you upload from the computer.  The folder my phone pics were going into got full, so I deleted some images.  Well, turns out if you delete a photo off Google+ that's tied to the blog, that photo on the blog gets deleted as well.  So now I have 11 blog posts with photos to dig up and fix.  Ahhh!!!  And I've used one gig out of five free gigs, which means it would be wise if I lower the image resolution of my pictures, so they don't take up so much space.  Learning the hard way!!  At least I didn't erase large albums.  That would have really messed me up!

I hope I'm still getting that jet-pack . . .

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