Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Favorite Activity: Laser Tag

Last night was a night out with the family, and we dominated in laser tag!  

The first time I ever played laser tag was at the Adventure Dome in Circus Circus hotel and casino, Las Vegas.  Back then it was called Grand Slam Canyon, and we went right after it opened in 1993, almost 20 years ago!!!  I feel old . . .  I don't know how many rounds we played; the line was long, but we waited anyway. It was so much fun.  My family was addicted.     

 There weren't any laser tag opportunities in Porterville CA, maybe Bakersfield or Fresno had them, but the Internet was a growing beast back then.  It still is a crazy, growing beast.  When my family moved to Utah in 2001, we were excited to see there were quite a few places here that had laser tag arenas.  It's really exploded these last couple years; practically every type of fun center has a laser tag, and there's a lot of fun centers here.  We're a family/college town, after all. 

 The two games that I played my team won, and I didn't do half bad myself.  This last year my groove was rocked a little, because my shot was off, so I always managed to rank low on the list.  But last night I tried a new strategy.  Usually I stake out an area and stay put, but last night I roamed and sought out enemy territory.  And since it was super busy, the full arena was opened up, so it was fun exploring.  The first game I ranked #9 overall out of 41 players and #5 on the team.  And the second game I got #11 out of 43 players and #2 on the team.  Never got that high before!  My brothers are really good players, so they usually beat me.  And my Dad always seems to place in the top couple places.

Having a whole lot of fun, Sarah :0)

(My shameless plug: There's an amazing activities program here in Utah called the Utah Pass of all Passes.  It's incredible, and if you live in northern Utah and don't have a pass, then you're missing out.  For those interested, it's still $32.00 with tax on citydeals, and at kiosks located at the University Mall in Orem, and South Towne Mall in Sandy.  For a full year I get unlimited games in the largest laser tag arena in Utah, unlimited mini golf, Ice Skating during certain times of the year, shoe rental not free, bowling, once again shoe rental not free, and a whole lot of sports.  Plus they just added a location in Draper called Planet Play that has unlimited mini golf, mini bowling, laser tag, and go-karts for only a $1 each time you visit.  Oh, and unlimited access to the water parks in the summer.  There's this bird place that's free on Mondays that I want to check out.  Rocky Mountain Raceways.  Real Salt Lake Soccer. Etc.  All for $30.  It sounds too good to be true, but it's not.  Get the pass if you live here!  You wont regret it.  It pays for itself and then some.

I only write this because we had two family friends with us last night who didn't have a pass of all passes.  3 games total cost $18.  It adds up, and we felt really bad for them.  My Mom helped them get the Utah passes, so unlimited laser tag for a year!  We're not waiting long to go again)


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    1. Thanks so much! I hope you continue to like what I post :0)