Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disneyland Helped Inspire My Love of Music

  When I was young, pre-kindagarden young, my family lived only 8 miles from Disneyland.  My parents had friends who worked inside the park, so we visited many times during those short years.  At an early age I was introduced to Ragtime music next to the Gibson Girl Ice Cream parlor on Main-street USA, Jazz in New Orleans, and barbershop quartets.  Not to mention all the countless parades (the electrical parade was in its prime back then.)  Then there was the Plaza Inn stage located close to the mouth of the castle leading into Fantasyland.  Schools and groups performed there, and there was a space between the stage and seats where kids would get up and dance.  Next to that stage I did a fair share of dancing as a little tyke.

 One of the joys for me when visiting Disneyland are the surprise performances, especially in New Orleans.  On busy days you can hear Jazz music about every 15-30 minutes, and once they even had tap dancers (which is a soft spot for me, because tap will always by my favorite genre of dance.)  Disneyland helped influence my love of music beyond the popular, and for that I am thankful :0)


  1. Jeremy used to perform there when he lived in California. I think it's neat that Disney thought music important enough to include it in the park, outside of rides. :)

    1. I love the entertainment factor, and it's not just the street shows, but the big ones as well: the Aladdin musical in California Ad. is great, World of Color, and Fantasmic. No other amusement park compares :0)