Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Undignified Way to Sprain an Elbow

When I was a kid I wanted to be a competitive ice skater.  It was one of those fanciful dreams that held no bases in reality.  The closest ice rink was in Fresno growing up, and only having gone a couple times there was never a chance to discover if I had the potential to be good or not.  I watched all the specials on T.V., the competitions, etc.  When music plays I still choreograph routines in my mind.

Now, more then ever, I've realized that some childhood dreams 
are better left as dreams.

Ice skating terrifies me!  The last time I was on the ice was two years ago.  Spent the whole time hyperventilating!  Not once did I get use to the skates.

Then this last Monday I went again with my church singles group.  Once again the first hour was pure drudgery.  Nerves running rampant, clutching to the wall when I wasn't having to go around those who were trying tricks or being reckless.  I was miserable!  And I don't think I kept it a secret because a look of horror constantly graced my face.

We were there for two hours.  One girl from our group fell about seven times.  By the end of the session I was feeling quite proud for not falling once.  Pride!  Never a good emotion.  I should have known better, because karma was about to attack.

The clock showed there were only fifteen minutes left to skate.  I was getting braver.  Skating stronger.  Moving further away from the wall with each lap.  Then something dreadful happened.  Something dreadful in the name of the toe pick.  Those nasty little spikes at the tip of the blade.  I know they're great for jumps and fancy skating elements, but for the novice they're just plain evil.

I was skating faster, leaning forward, being careless in my footing when my right toe pick caught the ice.  I don't know how far I flew, but I landed sprawled out, arms flat under me, keeping my face from crashing into the ice as my glasses flew off my face.

Thankfully no one ran over me, and several people came to help.  I lay there a good minute or so as I realized I couldn't feel or move my left hand.

Nothing's broken, but I did badly sprain my left elbow, and bruised my left arm, wrist, hand, and right knee.  Overall it could have been worst, so I'm quite lucky.  I'm healing.

I take so many things for granted!  This whole entry was written with my right hand.  I've been counting my blessings, and I'm really lucky to have what I have.

Still, I don't believe I'll ever stop dreaming up ice skating routines.

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