Friday, November 10, 2017

The Musical Obsession I Discovered In France Last Year: Les 3 Mousquetaires, The 3 Musketeers the musical

The 3 Musketeers en anglais.

I love this music.


And I don't understand most of it . . . 

(2 years of High School and 2 years of college French. -_-;;)

Since April of last year I've gone through several periods where this music goes on loop, and I'm not sick of it.  Before the trip I listened to a bit of French radio on the TuneIn radio app.  The song Un Jour was getting a lot of play, but I didn't know what it was from.

While watching an early morning show on TV while in Issoudun they had members of the cast on with snippets of video from the musical, and I recognized quite a few of the songs!!  Luckily the local supermarket had the album in the media section.

  The cast.

Man I want to see this show.

I have so many favorite songs, but my most favorite are . . . okay, I pretty much like all of them except for #10, Seul Contre Tous.  I skip that song every time.  But all the other songs are fantastic.  #8, Et si c'√©tait lui, is my favorite song to sing along with. 

And the online Mp3 album, on both iTunes and Amazon, has 4 songs I haven't heard before!!!  Ahhh!!!!  Must download now!

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