Monday, November 6, 2017

Sailor Moon Wand, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Back in 1999 or so, I honestly can't remember, the Sailor Moon craze was going full steam.  I watched it on Toonami with my brothers.  In the late 90's it was hard to get toys from the anime, unless you found them online.  I found one of her wands on Ebay with a bid getting ready to close.  I convinced my Dad to buy it, which he did, in disbelief  . . . and I never gave him the money!!!  (Heh, not one of my proudest moments.  I should pay him back.)  Since then we've had many good laughs over it.

 What's fun is that each of my nieces have really enjoyed it.  It's one of their favorite toys to play with when they come over.  And now I have a little niece that isn't quite walking yet, but as she was crawling around she found the wand and figured out how to push the button to light it up and make the wand sound.  So cute!

I have four nieces now!  My poor nephew.  I remember Krista asking him a month or so ago if he wanted a brother, and I swear I saw him shake his head no.  The next time he's over I'm going to ask him.  He's entered the "why" phase.  Had quite the conversation the other day.  He was very pleased at getting the bar-stool to turn, and then getting on it to spin.  I have three brothers, always wanting a sister, and it seems like my lack of sisters is being made up in nieces.

Sailor Moon's wand with Sailor Neptune's Mirror (a greater treasure).

My nieces are not allowed to play with the mirror.  It's not a toy.

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