Monday, May 22, 2017

My 100 Book Challenge

I found this little sign in a gift shop at The Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo last week.  On it says, "Not To Be Trusted In A Bookstore With A Credit Card."

Okay, I'm not that bad!  But close.

The sad thing is I've developed a habit of buying books and not reading them.  Literately, I've got complete shelves of books that haven't been read.  Yup.  It's indulgent.  It's like buying CD's and never listening to the music.  Or buying Art and putting it in a closet, never to be glanced upon.

So, starting today, I will not buy another book until I've read 100 books I already own!  This number has fluctuated between 100 and 50 in the last few months, but, no, I'm going big.  This will be hard.  Ahh!!

Now, children's short picture books don't count.  Any book above 100 pages, with or without pictures, counts.  Now if a book is in a larger book, like a collection of Mark Twain or Jane Austin, each individual book is counted, not the entire column.  E-books,  comic collections, manga, short story/novella anthologies count as well, as long as there are more than 100 pages.

At the end of all this I'll list the 100 books I read, to stay accountable, and if I slipped and bought something.

Maybe I'm setting myself up for failure?  But this is a good goal.

Last week I found a charming antique book in an antique store: Little Sister Snow by Frances Little, printed 1909, and with the most charming illustrations on the inside.

This will be the last book I've purchased!!  Until said 100 books are read.

 What a find this was!!  And only $6, too!! :D

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