Friday, May 12, 2017

In Which My Brother 3D Prints For Me the Gryffindor Logo

My brother Michael has been on a 3D printing kick.

He's kinda obsessed.

I still find it amazing that 3D printing is a thing.  Just one step closer to getting a Star Trek replicator?  Still, the technology is getting really impressive.  We're on the cusp of 3D printing being used in the medical industry for saving lives, using patients own cells to print organs and so forth.  Crazy stuff.  So many possibilities.

Lately Michael has been printing fidget spinners, which I was thinking I would be getting, but secretly hoping for something else.  Yesterday afternoon Krista asked me if I wanted to look up things that can be 3D printed.  Mentally I said Gryffindor, but I've been annoying the family with my Hogwarts obsession, so I said a castle instead, and Krista pulled up this video of a large castle this guy 3D printed.  Really cool stuff.  When I opened my gift I didn't get the fidget spinner I was expecting, but the Gryffindor logo!  Yay :D

Sometimes I wonder what our ancestors would think if they saw our day.  Would they be impressed or frightened by the possibilities of technology?  I'm both.

Oh, and Michael finally took the Pottermore sorting test and he got Gryffindor!  Yay!  My Mom and I aren't the only ones!  Though my Dad still hasn't taken the test, and he said he would, just hasn't gotten around to it.  He self-sorted himself into Hufflepuff, though he could easily land in Ravenclaw or Gryfindor.  My other two brothers got sorted into Hufflepuff, and my two sister-in-laws were sorted into Ravenclaw.

And, yes, according to a blog post I wrote many years ago, I was originally sorted into Hufflepuff, had an identity crises over it, and retook the test and got Gryffindor.  Since the Pottermore site update I've taken the updated test 7 times (I know I have issues, but scientific study, you know, and I'm not even a Ravenclaw or a Horned Serpent, I'm a Pukwudgie if you're wondering), and I got Gryffindor 5 times, Ravenclaw once and Hufflepuff once.  My brother Steven likes to joke with me that I'm really a Hufflepuff in denial.  But I'm not!  But as my Dad would say, "None of this is real."  And as I always respond to him, "But it's real to me."  Which means it's real enough.

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