Monday, October 30, 2017

6 Years + 715 Postcards sent on Postcrossing; Why I'm Still Doing It

 (The 23 postcards I'm mailing off tomorrow to 15 different countries)

 6 Years.


I can't believe I've been doing since 2011.

I've sent 715 postcards and received 714 postcards from 49 different counties, 55 different countries in total.

There are many times I've considered quitting.  It's expensive when you really get going, and finding postcards isn't always easy.  715 postcards, how much money would that equate to when taking postage into account and the price of the postcards?  Is it worth it?  Honestly, I think so.

I like connecting and learning about so many different people from all around the world.  Good, honest people living good honest lives. And it's a lot of fun sending postcards, and picking out the kind of postcard the person I'm sending to would like.  And the stamps!  Two forever stamps + an extra ounce stamp = international postage.  So much more fun than sending an international forever stamp.  I just love stamps.  Those solar eclipse stamps that came out recently are the best.

I don't know how long I'll keep it up, especially since Hallmark, where I've been getting my postcards, are discontinuing them, so I need to find a new place to get tourist postcards that doesn't require driving up to Salt Lake.

Still this is such a fun hobby, sending to and receiving postcards from people who love snail mail as much as I in this digital World we now live in.

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