Monday, October 23, 2017

Do Everything With Love

"...'What if our only motive were love? What if everything we did, we did out of love?'...We can even do good things with less than laudable motives.... Motives matter.... It's important to remember that we should not try to judge another's motives.  But we can judge our own motives.  We need to look inside and take stock.  Are we doing what we do out of love?  Or has some other motive taken over?" 

~ Russell T. Osguthorpe, March 2011

I found this quote yesterday while watching a video--Zandra Vraney: What If Our Only Motive Was Love?--and it hit straight to the heart.  There's definitely more I can do than I am doing currently, but when I do help others where is my focus? My motivation?  I hope it's pure.  But even I find myself going through the motions sometimes.  When it comes to helping my Grandpa, for instance, who is gradually getting worse, I help him sometimes out of obligation and routine instead of love.

Love is so important and motives do matter.

If we focus on love instead of something else, I think our mindset would change.  I think we would change, overall, for the better.  And I think, if there are things we need to do but struggle with, love would help.

Do all things with Love.

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