Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Importance of Classical Music; BYU Getting Rid of Classical Music on Classical 89

When I was a kid I loved listening to classical music.  There was a station in California's central valley that played all the greats, and I remember my brother Michael actually falling asleep listening to the station all the time.  It was a nice break from all the soft listening during the 80's that filled the airways, and though I still love a good 80's tune, Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach will always be the masters I keep returning to.  Then, all of a sudden, this classical station I listened to as a child went off the air.  No idea what happened, or why, but we all in my family felt the loss.  I was this elementary kid missing Handel and Mahler, though I didn't know their names at the time, I just missed the music.

Fast forward to today.  A few days ago it was announced that BYU was consolidating and changing up BYU radio and BYU tv.  They're getting rid of their PBS shows, which doen't bother me because we already have a PBS station, and the two stations were showing the same programing.  Now our PBS station will increase in viewership and donations, which is a good thing.  Big Bird ain't going nowhere.

The second announcement pertaining to Classical 89 is what so many people are upset over.  Two petitions on started making the rounds.  Save Classical 89! has now closed with 10,509 signers.  Stop the Elimination of Classical 89 is still open with 3,698 signers.

The station isn't struggling, from what I've read, and there's a very strong listening base.  BYU apparently wants to merge their other station which plays on SiriusXM with Classical 89.  Sadly a void will be created locally as this station is the only one that plays classical music on FM.  Apparently there's an HD station that plays classical music, but I don't have an HD radio, and I don't really know anyone that does.  There's always streaming other classical stations, but that requires a stable Wifi or internet connection, which a lot of people have at home, just not out driving.

It's interesting, if anything this has shown me the power of FM radio.  That even with technology many of us still listen to it.  I have many friends who are upset over the elimination of Classical 89, being daily listeners.  It's also nice seeing how many people love and listen to classical music.

I will always be an advocate for the classics.  I missed having a local classical radio station as a kid.  I remember complaining over its absence many times.  My passion in music is so strong that I ended up going to BYU Provo to earn a music degree.  It's sad that the school I spent hours upon hours studying Mendelssohn, Satie, and Schubert will be losing their classical radio station.

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