Thursday, October 19, 2017

My Subconscious is Ready to Starting Blogging . . .

Dreams are fascinating.  I've spent a lot of time contemplating the subject, mainly due to trying to understanding my own experiences.

Sometimes dreams are just a mish mash of what happened that day.  Nothing special. For instance, I once saw a meme where an apartment complex flooded; the fence was built so well no water leaked onto the main road.  That night I dreamed a road was flooded and I was stuck in a car.  Also in that same dream there were people running away from aliens, and aliens coming out of stomachs, thanks to watching behind the scene stuff for Prometheus, never mind the fact that I never actaully saw that movie.

O.B.E.'s are nothing more than super vivid lucid dreams where you get to fly around seeing cool stuff.  A lot of fun, honestly.  I've seen some really cool stuff.

I've had lucid dreams so real I spend half of these dreams walking around touching things because my senses are alert and I can feel textures.  I'm in complete control.  Incredible, but these dreams leave me exhausted in the morning.

I wouldn't wish sleep paralysis attacks on my worst enemy.  Not going there.

Then there are dreams where our subconscious is given a chance to talk to us.  This is how I knew I needed to take a brake from Facebook and my phone.  I literally had two dreams, one where I dropped my phone and it broke, and another where I defended my constant use of my Kindle Fire to a dream character, that let me know I was addicted.

This morning I had a dream full of randomness--part flying to an unknown location and part driving down the street looking at Christmas decorations--and after looking at the decorations my dream self wanted to blog about it.  Then I woke up and realized it was a dream and blogging about it would have been weird, because it didn't happen.

So I guess I'm psychologically ready to jump into blogging!!

But for the record, I'm NOT ready for Christmas.  Where did that come from?  Autumn, you can last as long as you wish.  Fall colors are beautiful.  I love you bunches.

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