Thursday, April 2, 2015

Handmade in Budapest

 My Dad recently got back from a trip to Budapest, and naturally I asked him to bring me back a souvenir that represented the culture. He brought me back postcards, and brought my Mom a tablecloth and a doll from Judit's Exclusive Handmade Embroidery and Souvenir Shop.  My Dad made a joke that I'll eventually inherit everything my Mom has anyway.

Needless to say my Dad decided to give me the tablecloth, and I'm very glad.  This will become an heirloom item, and it's only appropriate that it sits on the cedar chest holding family treasures I've collected from Grandparents and Great-grandparents.  The cedar chest itself used to be in my Grandpa's guest room in Ventura, and after the move I claimed it.  It's a reminder of all those trips that I so miss.

This tablecloth is entirely handmade, as is the embroidery, and it's exquisite.  I cross-stitch, and have done a little embroidery back in the day, so I really appreciate the artistry and the time involved.

Heh, and now whenever I see this tablecloth I'll think of the song Budapest by George Ezra.  It's a catchy tune.

 The handout written in Hungarian, English, and Japanese.

The postcards he brought back for me.  My Dad wanted to send me one in the mail, but didn't know how to get postage.  What's pretty funny is a week before he left I sent a postcard through Postcrossing to Budapest, and it arrived while he was there.

Sometimes I wish I can travel where my postcards go.  Hop in the mailbox and be whisked away, and all for $1.15.  Sometimes I get jealous of those pieces of paper, traveling to places I can only visit in my dreams.  Someday.

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