Friday, April 10, 2015

April 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review

 "Spring, Simplicity, Markets, Outdoors"

These words were the inspiration for the April 2015 Popsugar Must Have Box.
Popsugar Must Have hit it out of the park this months.  I love this box; it's my favorite box in quite a long time.  Well curated, and it feels like a spring, April box.  Luxurious, too.  I'm going to actually use everything here!

This box only has 5 items, instead of the usual 6, and because if this there feels like something is missing.  Maybe a yummy snack?  But overall a successful box.

 POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly subscription lifestyle box for gals.  The cost is $39.95 a month, free shipping, but it's cheaper when you subscribe with a 3, 6, or 12 months subscription.  On any month you can receive goodies for home, a book, fitness, snack, makeup, pampering, fashion, etc.  You never know what you're going to get, only that it will be fun and worth around $100, give or take a little.
The April box is sold out, but the May box is currently on sale.  If you like this box you can sign up and click the "wait list" box for the April box, but it's not a guarantee at all that you will receive it.  Coupon code MUSTHAVE5 saves you $5!

 Each month Popsugar Must Have provides a really nice pamphlet describing each item.

This is an all natural soy wax candle, crafted in Charleston, South Carolina.  The scent is wonderfully soft and sweet, but not in a sickeningly sweet way.  I burned this candle last night, and am currently burning it, and I love it.  A really lovely candle that smells like Spring.

 And Popsugar took such care packaging this candle for safe travel.

If you go to their site there are so many color variations that are fun.

I like this navy and grey combo.

 The ball opens up into a bag, so you can take it to the grocery store or a farmers market.

When you open up the bag, the pouch that you stuff the bag into doubles as a pocket.  After I had opened it all up I was intimidated, but it was super easy and fast stuffing the bag into a ball.  The ball is the perfect size to carry anywhere.  This bag can hold up to 35 pounds and is well made.

An umbrella!!  Too bad I didn't receive this box a day earlier, because it rained all Wednesday, and I don't have an umbrella.  This umbrella is so well made and sturdy.  And it has an auto open and close!!!  My favorite feature of any umbrella.

 The shape of this umbrella is really cute, and I like the little ruffle on the top.

 This is the luxury item of the box.  It's so light on the skin, and the smell is warm and springy.  I'm not a huge gardenia fan, but I love this.  The trick, now, is to not use it all up super fast!

"With each decadent mist, Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum intensely nourishes, hydrates and promotes firmer, smoother and more supple skin. This formula features clinically proven Antileukine 6®, an antioxidant powerhouse, to help defend against environmental stressors and elemental dryness. Ultra-light and easily absorbed, Gardenia + Tea Body Serum can be used alone or layered with your favorite sunscreen or lotion for an intensely hydrating treatment.  100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin 21.7% of the total ingredients are from organic farming Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard available at"

 Potting Shed Creations, Garden in a Bag Organic Basil, $10

The food item this month is one in which we grow.

 Honestly, I'm a little nervous about growing this basil, as my windowsill doesn't get enough direct sunlight during the day, but I'll give it a go.  I love basil, especially with mozzarella/cream cheese and tomato, sitting happily on a cracker.

I will admit that I'm a little bummed about not having an immediate snack to eat.  This is the first month Popsugar hasn't had a treat/food item, granting you don't kill the basil.

Special Extra

I'm not a big fan of gift cards in Sub boxes.  I do like the clothes on the site, and the idea of having shirts and whatnot with UVA and UVB protection.  Even with the gift card their clothes are still a little steep for my wallet.  I am thinking about that baseball cap.  The gift card doesn't cover shipping and tax.  Each card has a unique code.

We also got a Flip & Tumble 20% off coupon and a Produce Candles 35% off coupon.

These are the Hints and Spoilers for the May 2015 Popsugar Must Have Box: Colorful, California Sun, Glowing Skin, Fresh Flowers.

I'm not so sure about this necklace.  It looks cute, but this style typically works well on only small chested women.  We'll see.  I'm curious.

The May box is currently on sale.  Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5!

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