Saturday, July 15, 2017

Talea Studios Update 07/15/2017: A VR Game!!

It's been a very long time since I've done one of these updates.  Enough waiting!

My brothers and I-- with the help of my sister-in-laws, and encouragement from the nieces, nephew, and our parents--we're putting together a VR game, and we're making pretty good progress.  I'm the music supervisor/person thingy.  I should come up with a fancy title . . . nah.

I've been working on the music, and it's been a fun journey thus far.  The last song I started working on the family didn't like, and it got scrapped.  Really, it wasn't worth saving, and back to the drawing board I went.  Today the family is coming over for a meeting, and I'll play for them what I've been cooking up thus far to get yays or nays.  So far the people who've heard this have really liked it, so right direction, hopefully.  And now I'm going through sounds to layer and shape the song.

And that's all I'll say for now!!

The door just opened and I hear nieces and the nephew!  Must go say hi and show the kiddies the board game I bought to play with them.  They love board games.

Love those kids!

Until next time!!!

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