Thursday, July 6, 2017

Balloon Fail

 Sometimes when I write these blog posts I'm not quite sure what to title these stories.  Balloon Fail.  Nothing tragic happened.  I completely spaced last week that the 4th of July was this week!  June was a little crazy and flew by fast.  Though, the fireworks that went off in the neighborhood over the weekend woke me up to our proper time of the year.

I didn't really partake in any of the festivities.  And with my Dad having had surgery a couple weeks ago I didn't think he would be volunteering this year.  He did, which I found out Monday night.  Tuesday morning I texted him just after 7:00 in the morning to ask how he was doing, and he mentioned the balloons we're beautiful.

The hot air balloons!!

The last few times I tried to see them launch the wind was too strong, so they were grounded.  Seeing the balloons over a decade ago when I was going to BYU during the Summer is still one of my favorite 4th of July memories.  Seeing a sky full of color is such a delight, and I've been wanting to see it again, but keep having bad luck.

So I hopped in the car, and just before 8 I was in Provo.  Sadly many of the balloons were landing, but I still was able to see a few of them in the sky.  The drive to Provo was very pleasant, the roads clear, the morning air a nice warm with touches of cool temperature.  Making the effort was nice, and I don't regret trying.

Maybe next year, right!!?

 My Dad got a good picture while the parade was setting up.

This year my 4th of July was pretty chill.  Spent several hours researching my Stufflebeam ancestor who fought in the war: John Stufflebean.  (Glad the N was cemented into an M a couple generations later.)  Discovered John may have started the war as a Hessian.  Still researching what that means, but I have reasons to doubt this accusation made by distant relatives.  I'm forming a for and against argument for fun.  John's story is really quite interesting.

 My brother Steven and I got fireworks.  We debated splurging on one of those $50 20+ shot boxes in gold, but the instructions said to make sure there's a 25 meter clearance, and we knew we wouldn't have that space.  We chose safety and not burning down the neighbors house and went with smaller fireworks.  Our neighbors, on the other hand, went with the gusto.  A great neighborhood show that lasted well over an hour or two.  Good fun.

Anywho, the 4h is over!

And we're closer to Christmas than last years New Years.

Crazy Sauce.

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