Friday, January 20, 2017

The Electrical Parade Returns To Disneyland After 20 Years

 (All pictures are from the Walt Disney World Electrical Parade last Summer)

After a 20 year absence The Main Street Electrical Parade returns to Disneyland.  I was about to write "finally returns," only that it wasn't ever suppose to return.  I remember making a trip to Disneyland in 1996 just to see the Electrical Parade, back when all the advertisements stated, "Come see the Electrical Parade before it's gone for good!!!"  Or whatever was said.  It was a big deal!  I was sad.  The parade, which started in 1972, was still a classic.  A wonder.  As a kid I marveled wherever I saw it. How could they permanently take away such a treasure?

Then in 2001 California Adventure got the parade, and it lasted until 2010.  I could never bring myself to view it there as sentimentality got to me.  The Electrical Parade was meant, and will only belong, to Main Street.

Last night there was a special $95 ticketed event for people to be the first to see the parade.  Today is the official opening night of the parade to the public.  I'm hoping it goes well, as there's predicted rain throughout the day.  Accu Weather is far more optimistic over rain predictions than

When I saw the Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World last June, which officially closed last October, there was a possibility the parade wouldn't take place due to storm clouds showing up on the radar.  The famous 3:00 parade was moved up to 2:45 pm to avoid rain.  The rain never came.  Both and Accu weather kept predicting we would be rained out, but the storm moved around us, and it was honestly very beautiful.  Thick black rain clouds, and at sunset brilliant gold light shining through peeks, wind picking up speed.  I was afraid the fireworks would get canceled as well.  But when the time came the Electrical Parade started, followed by the castle projection show Once Upon a Time, which was followed by the firework show Wishes. Three shows in a row, and I got a spot right in front of the castle for the last two shows.  A great way to end the six day trip.

I hope the weather is good tonight for all those wishing to see The Main Street Electrical Parade, taking place right where it belongs.  I wish I could join you as it's a very snowy day in Utah.  The parade runs until June 18, so we have it only for five months until it's gone again.  Thankfully I already have plans to visit the Disneyland park during this window, so I'll have the chance to see it.

I'm really very excited.

Has it really been 20 years!!!!!?????

Oh my freak, that's crazy!

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