Friday, January 6, 2017

That Really Expensive Star Wars Ewok Kids Movie . . .

A couple days ago I got the Brilliant idea to buy that Ewok kids movie, the one people love to hate, or at least forget ever existed.  Besides Star Tours, this little Ewok movie was my first true exposure to the Star Wars universe, and I loved it.  Whenever I visited the mom and pop video rental store growing up, pre Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, which put said mom and pop place out of business, Star Wars Ewok Adventures, aka Caravan of Courage, was at the top of the movies I repeatedly rented.  This and Troop Beverly Hills, which is another story.

I loved this little Ewok movie.  It's been forever since I've seen it so I don't even know what I'd think of it now, only that it holds a fond place in my childhood dreams.

My nieces love Dr. Who, and my 5 year old niece in particular LOVES Teddy bears.  For the record, according to her, all teddy bears are named Teddy, because they're teddy bears, unless they're Winnie-the-Pooh, who's the exception.  And so I thought this little Ewok movie would be perfect to show the nieces and nephew.

Well, a gander on Amazon brought that to a halt when I saw the price for the DVD was $149.95!!!!!!!!  This little nostalgia isn't worth that much!  Not worth the splurge.

A search on eBay didn't improve my disappointment.

So my nieces won't be watching this movie, as I can't afford it, and don't believe it's available for streaming anywhere.  Maybe some people will feel my nieces have been spared a dreadful fate, but if they have the littlest bit of me in them, they're missing out on a favorite.

(Though I would like to see the movie again just to see why I liked it at all, and then possibly lament my childhood tastes.  It's been well over a couple decades since I last saw Star Wars Ewok Adventures.)

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