Thursday, February 2, 2017

That Creepy Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll

Last month while perusing the Hogwarts Running Club Facebook page someone posted a picture of an unknown Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll, comparing it to Justin Bieber.

A simple "beauty and the beast justine bieber doll" search will yield several news and blog posts on this subject, talking about the Belle doll being a great fail.

Many people in the Hogwarts Running Club thought it was a fake doll, that surely Disney wouldn't mess up this badly.  They posted a few other pictures of another Belle doll, claiming the official doll was better.  I then wrote that the pictures being posted were of a Hasbro doll (Hasbro is not living up to the standards of Mattel, but that's another subject), and that the Disney Store releases a doll not made by Hasbro, and this "Justin Bieber" doll is most likely the Disney Store version.

I was right.  The Disney Store is now selling the doll, and the product photos on the online store do not match what is shipped or found in the store!  On the site the doll has 3 out of 5 stars, though the last several reviews are single star ratings.

My big complaint is the hair line and her high forehead.

My Mom bought the doll and let the bun down to try to help her look better, but it only helps a little bit.  Then there's her jawline and face shape, the lack of detail when it comes to her face painting and sharp freckles, and her face size looks odd in proportion to the dolls body.

 She looks a little better in her blue dress, but still creepy.

I like the blue dress with different fabric textures, prints, and details.

Gaston looks good.

But other than that, seriously, Disney, missed opportunity!

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