Monday, February 27, 2017

A CLUE Balancing Act

 Last night my family played a rousing game of CLUE.

Okay, not rousing at all.  My Dad didn't join in because he said the game can take too long and he needed to be in bed early for work.

Ironically the first game game ended before the second round fully started.  I was the first to play, and by a stroke of luck, serious luck, I won the game on my second turn.  It was the first room I went into, poison was already there so I just went with it, and I choose the right person to accuse.

On our second game Lindsay won on her second turn!  I only got to play one round.

And then my Mom incorrectly guessed on the third game, and instead of putting the cards back in the envelope she laid them face up on the table!  We all yelled at her in surprise, but secretly I was glad.  That round I was seriously distracted by showing people the video for The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom, and being distracted by Utada Hikaru's new album, which I played through Bluetooth over the speakers.  And I honestly wanted to finish watching Texas Flip N Move, which my Mom and I are currently addicted to.  It's a fun show.  So, yeah.

But before all that my Dad and brother decided to balance all the weapon pieces into a little sculpture.  They were quite pleased, and it was pretty funny.  Suddenly I thought of the game Mouse Trap, which was my favorite game as a kid, but I never actually played, because all I wanted to do was set up all the traps and then set them off, doing that over and over again.  And who actually plays dominoes?  The real fun with that game is standing them up and knocking them over by chain reaction.


 Another win for good ol' fashion family play.

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