Saturday, February 4, 2017

Disney's Pinocchio is Certified Fresh! Surprised?

Yesterday I found out that Pinocchio is once again out of the vault with another Blu-Ray release.  The last time it was released on Blu-Ray I bought it, therefore I don't need another edition, but I found the Fresh Tomato rating funny.

I like visiting Rotten Tomatoes to see what people think about the latest movie releases, but I haven't looked up classic movies.

Pinocchio is as classic as they come, right there with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  Bambi was traumatizing, apart from the twitterpation scene which is the best.  Pinocchio, how can anyone say anything bad about this movie?  Though I sometimes wonder how different this movie would be if Disney released a retelling today for modern audience.  Would the Blue Fairy get that amazing opening speech?  Would the naughty boys be seen smoking along with other donkey worthy terrible deeds?  Total scandal!  Pinocchio is quite bold, telling the tale of what it takes to become a "real boy."  How many of us are wooden verses real?

So are you curious about Pinoccio's fresh tomato rating?

It's 100% certified fresh.


I'm not.

I need to pull my copy out to re-watch this gem.

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