Tuesday, November 8, 2016

An Uplifting Blog Post to Lighten the Day

Happy . . . late Halloween Day!

Today is Election Day, which is scarier than Halloween, so today I chose to remember happy times, those less than scary days, and write about a balloon.

This isn't about any ol' balloon.  It's a special balloon.  Purple in color.  Latex in material.  And it came into being October 20, 2016.  As of today it's still afloat, along with its Mallard cousins from the dollar store.

The latex balloon was a gift to my Mom on the day we were gathering party supplies for the Halloween festivities that night, and while we were at Partyland the salesperson accidentally made an extra balloon for another customers order, so, out of nowhere, he gave the balloon to my Mom exclaiming, "You've won a prize!"  And it just so happens that we earlier picked up three balloons from the dollar store needing a fourth to balance the look.  Happy timing.

And still today, 19 days old, all four balloons are standing tall.

And we're all quite baffled and amazed by it.

And I'm honestly curious how long they will last.

All the other balloons we got that day have given up the ghost.

What manner of wizardry went into the creation of these balloons?

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