Monday, November 14, 2016

Wresting With Daylight Savings Time

"One must work with time and not against it."
~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Am I the only one who doesn't like Daylight Savings Time?

When I was younger, aka anytime before reaching my 30s, I dreaded springing forward in the Spring and falling back in the Fall.  The thought of losing an hour of sleep saddened me!  I loathed it, honestly.  Falling back in Autumn, knowing that I was getting that hour back, was always my favorite.  Getting dark an hour sooner?  That's never appealing.

 My senior year of High School is probably the only time I liked the darker evenings.  In November 1999 I was in a photography class, and there were hardly enough developing booths (I've forgotten what they're called!!) to develop pictures, and I never got enough time in the dark room.  Thanks to my parents owning a photography business my Dad had the trays, chemicals, and photo developing machine (a big device that let me place the film, position the paper, and with a metronome I counted how many seconds to let the light through the aperture . . . okay, I've forgotten all the terminology.  This is sad.)  I put sheets over my parents bathroom window, set everything out, turned on the red light, and by 5:00 pm I could start developing the pictures for class.  That was fun.

But other than that I don't like it getting dark so soon.

But here's the sad thing, it's suppose to get dark this soon!  Daylight savings time in the Winter simply restores where we're suppose to be.  Once again Utah is aligned with Arizona.  This whole getting dark soon would be easier to take if we inched gradually towards it, instead of getting hit with a sledgehammer.  

And why do we need an extra hour of sunlight in the Summer when the days are naturally longer!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????  Seriously.  Fireworks at 9:30 instead of 10:30 would be nice.

Arizona was right in canceling Daylight Savings Time.

For some reason the time change last week has really affected me.  More so than normal.  My whole inner clock is thrown off not by one, but several hours.  Kinda driving me mad.

And now I'm dreaming of Spring, wishing we could skip Winter, minus Christmas, and just stay warm.  Though I always love a good excuse to drink Hot Chocolate.  Winter does have its perks.

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