Thursday, June 22, 2017

FabFitFun Summer 2017 Subscription Box

 This is my fourth FabFitFun box!  Still loving it.

FabFitFun comes quarterly and is $50 for full size items.  Plus you get access to all their online exercise videos; there's a good variety.  I like that this box comes only 4 times a year.

 BKR: Little - 500 ML Glass Water Bottle

I've been wanting to get another glass water bottle that was smaller than my 20-24 oz bottles!  I don't know if many others are excited for this, but I am.  Lugging my bigger glass bottle to dance is heavy and a bit of a chore, so this is awesome.  It's well made.  I actually like that the lid screws off and you drink directly from the bottle.  Okay, short, gross story, but a couple years ago I kept getting sick, and even though I wash my bottles often, I noticed the lid had hidden corrosion and gunk.  Threw that lid away and I stopped getting sick.  So I only buy water bottles without fancy lids or straws.  In short, this bottle is perfect, and it survived the wash.

For this box we got 2 choice items, based on hobbies and likes.

The first choice item was based on hobbies: Cooking, art, traveling.  You choose one, not knowing exactly what it is, and if you want to get another mysterious item you can pay $10 for each addition.  I choose travel.

The Cooking item was a Himalayan Pink Salt Kit coming with a grater, wood stand, and a block of Himalayan Pink Salt.  In hindsight I wish I choose this.

The Art item was a Ready, Set, Create! Art Kit! by Amy Tangerine with a canvas, brushes, acrylic paints, and an alphabet stencil.  REALLY glad I didn't get this.  From a forum I was reading people were pretty upset, as this looks tailored for elementary kids.

And the Travel item:

 Understated Leather: On The Road Again Travel Set.

I'm meh about this.

Only those traveling outside the Country will have use for the passport holder, and as I use a protective sleeve that blocks RFID chip signals my passport wont fit.  The luggage tag looks well made, I love rose gold, but the "Hands Off" turns me off.  So immature. If they would have written just about anything I would have loved it.  My Mom suggested using the passport cover to organize travel receipts, which is a good idea.

 The next choice option was between Sport and Beauty.  I choose sport.

The beauty item was Dry Shampoo.  So glad I didn't do that.

And the Sport item:

 Way Of Will: 03 Soothe and Cool Message Oil

I love this!  Really happy to try this out.  I need to get back into strength training, so this will help.  That one week when I walked about 60 miles--man I hurt all over--would have loved this message oil.  It smells so good.  This will come in handy.

 Cargo Cosmetics: Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlight in Bronze

I actually don't have highlight powder, so once again another good item to try out.  My makeup routine is really basic: foundation, blush, mascara, lip gloss, and occasionally some eye shadow.  I'll have to watch some videos to make sure I'm using it right, but this will be good.  Looks really nice.

 Juice Beauty: Smoothing Eye Concentrate

I'm at that age where eye creams are a must.  I'll never go the Botox route, preferring to age naturally, and I am noticing lines around my eyes.  I've been using other products, so it will be nice to try out Juice Beauty, which I've heard a lot of good things.

 EAU Thermale Avene: Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

I know I need to use face sunscreen more, and it's hard finding a brand I like that doesn't make my skin oily.  This is travel size, but I'm glad for that.

 Kris Nations: Mystic Bar Necklace

Not happy with the quality.  My Mom got the turquoise, which I believe is actually died howlite.  The chain feels fragile. My Mom has been making bar necklaces in preparation of our ETSY store opening again in a week or two, and the chain she uses is high quality, strong, and the stones are natural.  We go to the Gem Faire, so I'm spoiled in that I know what high quality gems and semi-precious stones are supposed to look like.  I won't be wearing this.  It's not worth $58.  The little bottle is cute.

 Michael Stars: Ruana

I love this.  Another great item.  There were three variations: White/Blue, White/Black, and Cream/Orange/Purple.  I love the color I got.

 The split down the lower half lets you wear it like a scarf, Sarong, or Robe/Shawl.  It's long, which is nice.  It's fun seeing a new take on the scarf.

 This Vital Proteins Marine Collagen is a sample, bonus item.

 The information paper.  There's more than just talking about each item, there's tips and mini articles.  I like this format and the details provided.

 FabFitFun has good workouts online you can stream, included with your subscription, which is really cool.  There's a lot here.  Really nice perk.

 My add-on items.  Additional items you can get at a discount.  The rose mist was $5 each.  The fit book was $5.  The Spongelle and exercise bands were $7.  The lotion and gel duo was my biggest splurge at $18 for both, but the ingredients are all natural, which I like.

I love the box art.  So cute.

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