Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Fate of the Furious, mini movie review

Rating: C+

The Fate of the Furious, the eighth installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise, starts off with Dom and Letty celebrating their honeymoon in Cuba.  All seems like fun and games, a car chase thrown in for excitement, until Dom is approached by Cipher (), and the Fate of the Furious family is tested in whole new ways.

Fate is a classic popcorn movie: Car chases, crazy stunts, espionage, more car chases, etc.  It's all a crazy ride, and Fate doesn't disappoint.  Through the action you'll question self driving cars and whether the Furious family will ever come back together.  Also present in this movie is a good balance between action and humor, which I love.

An understanding of the previous movies is a must.  There's no real background information given as characters are brought in to fill the plot.  A lot of the Furious past players are here, and unless you know who they are, and how they connect to one another, you'll be a little lost.  This isn't a stand alone flick.  In a way I like this.  So much time can be wasted in explaining when really you can just watch another cool car stunt instead.

One thing I wish more explanation was given was in the new character Cipher.   Charlize Theron sure knows how to play bad, but as slick as she plays Cipher, I wish Cipher had a little more depth.  Her motivations are not clearly explained, unless I missed something, but I wish her character wasn't so two-dimensional.

Oh, and if you love physics, and movies that portray realistic physics, you might go a little crazy at times, but it's all for fun and popcorn, right?

If you like the Fast and Furious saga, you'll like Fast 8.

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for prolonged sequences of violence and destruction, suggestive content, and language.

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