Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Year Ago Today: Flying To Paris

I think I'm FINALLY ready to look through all the pictures and videos my Mom and I took last year during our month long trip to France.  A year ago today I was sitting on a plane, probably somewhere over the Eastern United States.

It's strange.


I had so many thoughts going through my head.  Worry, because of the recent Belgium attack and Paris attack.  But excited as well, not wanting to live in fear, but wishing to embrace life and have experiences I could remember.  A long time ago during the 5th grade I took another trip to Paris.  I loved it, appreciated it, but didn't know as much to truly take everything in.

This time it would be different, and it was.

 Sadly I didn't keep a good journal of everything I experienced.  Thankfully my Mom wrote everyday, so I'll be reading what she wrote to bring it all back to my mind while sorting through pictures and watching the videos.

That was one of my greatest regrets I had while visiting Tokyo a year and a half ago.  I brought a journal on the plane, wrote a nice opening entry, and then didn't write in it again.  I was so tired!  And it was a whirlwind! Between my brother, sister-in-law, and I we took a lot of pictures, so I pieced it together in a Shutterfly book and wrote some blog posts about it, which I haven't even printed out to put in a binder.

I should do that.

I'll finally be blogging about France, which I don't know if my regular readers here will care about, but I'm excited to venture down this road again, just because there are memories worth remembering.  And being into Family History as I am, recording everything down is important, because the mind does make things fade, unfortunately.

So a year ago today I was probably watching a Japanese movie, that one about a little girl who learned how to cook by her Mother who had cancer, depressing, looking out the window at times.  And here I am now typing on the computer on a different journey: composing game music for a VR game my siblings and I are working on (more about this at a later date).  But my heart does ache to travel, and even though I'm not taking a trip immediately, reliving this past trip will be fun.

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