Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Power Of Our Weaknesses

"Those who do not see their own weakness do not progress.  Your awareness of your weakness is a blessing--because it helps you remain humble, and keeps you returning to the Savior."

~ Henry B. Eyring, LDS Women's Conference,
March 25, 2017

Shamefully I didn't watch Women's Conference live.  I always forget.

The only time I have seen it live was over a decade ago when I got to attend in person, and sadly what I remember most from that experience was the hour it took to find the car in the parking garage.  Pretty funny memory, actually.  But I always forget to watch live, even though I'm always eager to watch all four main sessions of General Conference live, which follows the week after, (aka. this coming weekend).

The above quote by President Henry B. Eyring was immediately passed around on Facebook after the session, reminding me I missed it, and is still showing up on my feed.  Last Sunday I was able to hop online and watch his full talk.

Thank goodness for technology.

This quote touched me, because this is something I struggle with: My overwhelming awareness of my weaknesses, and never feeling like I'm measuring up or good enough.  Sometimes I get trapped by my weaknesses, more often than not it seems, but these weaknesses do push me forward and has always led me to prayer, begging for strength and courage.  Our weaknesses are a blessing.  They help us stay grateful.

Sometimes I think it's a blessing that we're not aware of all of our weaknesses.  That would be overwhelming!!  If we pray to God and ask him to show us our weakness we are shown just enough to change for the good, if we're brave enough.

So the next time I'm hard on myself for my weaknesses, which is pretty much all the time, instead of being hard on myself--which is one of my many weaknesses--I'm going to go pray to our Lord and Savior for strength.

(Ah, heh, though be careful when you pray for patience.  And be careful in telling God you can't handle anymore.  My Grandma made that mistake once.  Many overwhelming, awful things were happening to her, and she told God in prayer that she couldn't handle anymore, she was pushed to her limit, and in that moment a giant tree branch broke and fell on the roof causing a lot of damage, and proving to my Grandmother she could indeed handle more.)

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