Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Final Wander Through Nostalgia; Visiting Toys "R" Us One Final Time.

Last week I visited Toys "R" Us one final time.  (Or so I think.  There's always the possibility of going and taking a final gander).  But as it stands I've done my final walk through.

As a kid I loved visiting Toys "R" Us.  My family lived in Porterville CA, and the closest store was in Visalia, a 30 minute drive around orange groves and cow farms.  We maybe visited a few times a year.  I remember going right after the Super Nintendo was released and my Dad took my brother and I to get one, surprising us at the store.  And I remember the case with all the collector Barbies, making wish lists of all the ones I wanted.

Toys "R" Us is such a staple of my childhood it's strange to see it go.

Since the announcement that all stores were closing I've made a few trips, walking down rows of dwindling merchandise.  As of this last weekend there's still a good selection. 

So I didn't really get too much.  A remote control Thomas Train for my Nephew.  A couple American Girl display dolls for $60. 

As I write this the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" popped into my head.  "Amazon killed the Toys "R" Us store" isn't so catchy, and I'm not sure it's entirely true.  There's quite a few reasons Toys "R" Us failed.  But that's not what this blog is about.

Times change.  Things come and go.  The ebb and flow of life.  And this is just times changing and life moving on, but the kid in me can't help but look back.

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