Monday, May 28, 2018

Where Flowers Lay: An Original Poem

Where Flowers Lay

On the last Monday in the month of May,
Rows of flowers on graves do lay,
Rows and rows of colors frayed,
Reminding all this solemn day.  

Reminding all of lives once lived,
A sacrifice they choose to give,
A Freedoms breath that we may live
Without the horror, the combative.

What lives were lost?
 I want to know.
What were your dreams?
 How did you grow?

Names on crosses line the field.
Names that many will never kneel.
But on this day I humbly yield,
and honor those with courage zeal.

Thanks to those where flowers lay.
Thanks to those in quiet graves.
In memory sweet reverence, pray.
We remember this Memorial Day.

By Sarah Stufflebeam

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