Friday, March 2, 2018

What Is This Madness??!! Girl Scouts Cookie Cereal

 Girl Scouts Cookies!!

Sugary Cereal!!

In One!!!

I found these limited edition Girl Scouts cookie cereals at Walmart: Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch.  Thin mints are pretty iconic for Girl Scout cookies.  The caramel crunch is modeled after Samoas, yummy caramel/coconut cookies, which are my favorite G.S. cookies.  Man, I can down an entire box of Samoas without thinking, which makes them very dangerous.

 So, in the name of science I tried both cereals this morning, for research . . . and fun.  They weren't as sweet as I was thinking they would be, which is a good thing.  I don't like overly sweet cereals.  The flavors are mild, yet still good.  Really, I like these cereals simply for the novelty factor.

Girl Scouts Cookies! 

(And I'll practice great self-restraint this week . . . ;0)

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