Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Passing of a Prophet, Thomas S. Monson

This morning I woke to text messages from family and friends about the passing of President Thomas S. Monson last night.  I was saddened by the news, but not surprised, as he's been suffering from health issues as of late.  Now he is with his beloved wife and at peace.

Early this afternoon, as I've been nursing a migraine, I decided to open up the BYUtv app on my Kindle to find shows to stream.  (Wonderful app, btw, and entirely free.)

I saw the category "Devotionals."  It's been such a longtime since I've watched one, and decided to find a devotional from when I attended BYU.  Newest to oldest first I went right to 2006, and there I found "Three Gates to Open" by Thomas S. Monson.

This speech, talking about the three gates (preparation, performance, and service) is beautiful.  Everything I love and miss about President Monson is there: His love of storytelling, wit, ability to tie lessons to life experiences, etc.  His talks are always wonderful, and thanks to technology we will always have them to watch over and over.

Honestly, I have no idea if I was there in person watching this devotional.  Wish I could remember!  I'd be surprised if I wasn't, just can't remember.  Ah!  But back in middle/high school sometime president Monson came to Central California to speak at regional conference.  I was in a small choir that practiced in Visalia, and on the Sunday he came we all drove up to Fresno to sing and hear him speak.

This was such a special experience.  He spoke in a sports arena of some sort, and in the back there was a banner hung up that read, "Be a Good Sport."  He saw that and based his entire talk on being a good sport.  And then before leaving he turned to us choir members and gave a wave.

I will always love President Monson.  What a wonderful, beautiful life he's lived.  He will always be missed.  But time is sort, and though parting is such sweet sorrow, this life is but a moment.  When this moment has passed we will once again be with those we love.

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