Sunday, January 14, 2018

Blank Page, an original poem

Blank  Page

What do I write?
I wonder here,
staring at a page completely bare.
The possibilities that one can do,
Ideas and joys and all things new.

But in my mind I'm overwhelmed,
So many thought I should dispel.
Focus on one and make a start.
Stick to the point,
stay true to my heart.

There's so many ways that I can go,
These rambling words seem to know
That as I write I avoid a choice,
Meandering through I've lost my voice.

But these are words I'm writing here,
And now this page is not so bare,
Though I feel as if I've gone nowhere,
Writing these words without a care.

So now I'll go,
I'm done for now,
There's more blank pages,
 and I do vow,
That what I write next will be worth your time,
(I don't even know what to do with this line),
And I know I'm writing too many rhymes,
Yet somehow I know we'll all be fine.


~ Sarah Stufflebeam

(My first poem in over a year. :P)

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