Saturday, December 24, 2016

But It's Not Even Christmas Yet!!??

Last night in a last minute Christmas food spree to Walmart I ventured down the candy isle with my Mom and sister-in-law Krista, picking out some goodies for today and tomorrow.  In a show of holiday spirit all the Christmas candy was ceremoniously replaced with Valentine candy, beckoning costumers to the front of the store for the red, white, and green variety.

And it's not even Christmas yet!

It's not even New Years!

Or groundhog Day!

(Groundhog Day is the least appreciated holiday of the year. 

But maybe this simply adds to the quaintness of the holiday and a repeated viewing of a certain Bill Murray movie.)

I'm not mentally prepared to even think about Valentines day.

It brings out the cynic in me. Blah.

(I just realized I'm the scrooge of Valentines . . . need to change my attitude.)

But seriously, I like my holidays one at a time.  Yet, I still can't believe today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas day.  It doesn't seem possible.  Next week is 2017, which seems crazier still.

Today's a full day.  Cleaning.  Wrapping.  Cooking.

There's ribbons and bells stationed at the desk I'm writing at.  Presents all around with tissue paper and boxes.  Every year my Mom and I remind ourselves not to procrastinate, and every year we fail.  Kinda takes away from the spirit of it all.

Tomorrow will be a simple day.  No major festivities.  Time with family.  Snowed out by the upcoming Winter storm moving in this evening.  Church.

Sullivan Boutique messed up on an order I made recently, and they sent me a music CD to make up for it: Thank You, Say it With Music.  Really nice of them to do that.  I'm listening to it now, and it's lovely.

Sometime today or tomorrow I'll need to grab my copy of Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories, including the story about Anne's puff sleeves.  I'll need to read it while I glance at the snowfall.  That would be nice.

Merry Christmas Eve!

And for those living in the Winter Storm warning areas, travel safely.

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