Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Finally Getting My Scottish/Highland Dance Shoes

I finally got my Highland dance shoes, which I've had now for a couple weeks.  It's something that I've put off because of the $75 price tag, but after a year it was time to finally take the splurge.  Why did I wait so long!!!

One thing that surprised me is how tight they are!!  They're supposed to be super tight, and you're then suppose to break them in over several classes.  Those first two classes with these shoes was a struggle.  But they're feeling better now, still breaking them in, but getting better.  I'm a size 9 street shoe, and these are 5 1/2 A's.  They looked so tiny when I took them out of the package.

They're made in Scotland, Dancewear of Edinburgh, and I got them from Highland Express.  To order you actually draw an outline of your foot on paper, note the measurements, and then scan the paper into a PDF, which is then emailed to the site.  From there your foot size and shape determines your shoe type.  I love the red detailing on these shoes.  The lady I worked with at Highland Express, and had a couple phone calls with, was super nice and easy to work with.

Now I need to start saving up for the Highland dance kilt outfit, which ranges from $600-$1000.  I can't start competing or performing until I get it, and once I get the outfit it can't be tailored smaller in case I lose weight.  So now I'm working on saving up and losing weight.  It takes 2 months to get the outfit after ordering, so my goal is to order in Feb. for a possible April competition, but we'll see.  The next competition after that is in June, which would give me more time to get into shape.  I'm still struggling with weight loss, but I've got real good motivation.  Kilts are very motivating, just saying.  And it's a huge investment that I want to get a lot of use.

I got some fun knee-high socks to practice in from Soxtrot on Amazon.  Ginza blue and purple are no longer available, but there's some other fun designs.

I got these fun socks from Hot Topic.  Stitch for when I want to wear something cute that aren't knee highs, and Gryffindor socks because they're awesome.  The Gryff knee highs will be nice in the winter.

During performance and compitition knee high socks need to be white or tartan colored.

But for now I can have fun!

My Grandpa gave me this pin when I started dancing, which hopefully I'll be able to use to pin up the tartan for the Lilt, which is a national dance.  Usually it's pined up by a brooch, so hopefully this will be big enough because it's special.

And for fun I got this Highland dance book off of the Amazon marketplace for less than $5!  Some of the dances are different, but a lot of the positions are the same.

 And this little pendant is my favorite necklace, which is the Scottish Luckenbooth Emblem.  It's suppose to be a love token, given to or received from the person you love.  I don't have a boyfriend, so this will be a token of hope.  Plus the thistle is cute :0)

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